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Raise money for BC Cancer Foundation

Goddess Run is proud to partner with the BC Cancer Foundation to support the Immunotherapy Clinical Trials Program. Phase 1 of this program focuses on Adoptive T Cell Therapy (ATC) and is set to begin in April. ATC activates and expands a patient's own T cells (a type of white blood cell) and infuses large numbers back into the patient's bloodstream to "seek and destroy" cancer cells wherever they may be hiding. The first trial at BC Cancer in Victoria will focus on treating gynecological cancers (ovarian, cervical and endometrial) with naturally occurring, tumour-fighting T cells. 


Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information


Raised: CA$859.98

Better at runnin’ up a tab

Raised: CA$626.75

Do you KNOW who I AM?!

Raised: CA$554.80

Breast Friends

Raised: CA$324.06

Fabulous Flaminglers

Raised: CA$218.13

Sole Sisters Victoria

Raised: CA$138.00

The Real Housewives of Oak Bay

Raised: CA$136.22


Raised: CA$134.51

St. Margaret's School

Raised: CA$110.40

SuperDoc Divas

Raised: CA$107.72

Fitness on the Go Girls

Raised: CA$106.91

Dream Chasers

Raised: CA$77.60


Raised: CA$65.89

Teal We Find A Cure

Raised: CA$54.31


Raised: CA$47.26

All Care Goddesses

Raised: CA$32.94

Mom's First

Raised: CA$27.60

Goddesses of Chaos

Raised: CA$27.60

Go Girls Goddesses

Raised: CA$27.60

Reliable Warriors

Raised: CA$27.60

Mill Bay Mamas

Raised: CA$27.60

Are we there yet?

Raised: CA$27.60


Raised: CA$27.60

Dames of DeGoutiere

Raised: CA$27.60

Hormonally Challenged

Raised: CA$27.60

Run like the winded

Raised: CA$27.60

Paolucci sisters

Raised: CA$16.24

Nanaimo Paddling Centre

Raised: CA$11.58

WTF (Where's the Finish?)

Raised: CA$11.58

Running our Classes Off

Raised: CA$6.24

The Oldies and The Goldies

Raised: CA$5.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Jun 01 Cathy Chamberlin CA$27.60
Jun 01 Lindsay Hillwalker My mom grew up with Shirley and Janet in Vancouver. I always loved to see Janet smile she was such a fun person. Thank you for doing this CA$54.31
Jun 01 Carol and Milton In memory of one of the funniest people I've ever met. Janet is deeply, desperately missed. CA$54.31
Jun 01 Adam Battistelli CA$267.96
Jun 01 Anonymous In memory of Janet - a much loved and missed friend. CA$54.31
May 31 Al Girard For a beautiful soul, good luck! CA$54.31
May 31 Liisa Lessard CA$54.31
May 31 Conny Vollweiter Undisclosed amount
May 31 Kelly Keys CA$107.72
May 31 Adriana Gaven In memory of a true Goddess!! CA$25.00