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Glenmary Home Missioners

Raise money for Glenmary Home Missioners

Glenmary Home Missioners, founded in 1939, is a Catholic society of priests and brothers who, along with coworkers, are dedicated to establishing a Catholic presence in rural areas and small towns of the United States where the Catholic Church is not yet effectively present. We strive to meet the spiritual and material needs of those living in the rural counties of Appalachia and the South by nurturing Catholic communities, encouraging ecumenical cooperation, establishing social outreach services and working to enhance human dignity.

The Vocations Office at Glenmary organizes this 1st Annual 5K WALK/RUN FOR MISSIONARY VOCATIONS TO RURAL AMERICA at the Flying Pig to promote vocations to Glenmary and to show support and appreciation for the great work of the Glenmary priests and brothers and seminarians. Your donation will help fund the many programs sponsored by the Vocations Office to attract vocation prospects. Thank you so much for supporting Glenmary Home Missioners! 

Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Apr 09 IRIS Gutierrez $107.94
Apr 08 Anonymous $50.00
Apr 05 AnnMarie Hanecki Please credit Rachel Wamsley for this donation $54.43
Apr 02 Anonymous $5.00
Mar 31 William Goodwin Undisclosed amount
Mar 29 Anonymous $27.68
Mar 12 Anonymous $27.68
Mar 06 Anonymous Undisclosed amount