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Mission Possible Compassionate Ministries Society

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Mission Possible is a non-profit organization and social enterprise located in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. We support individuals challenged by homelessness, poverty, addiction, mental illness, and other barriers to employment to achieve a renewed sense of dignity and purpose through meaningful work. Through our employment readiness program, we equip our program participants with the skills, confidence, and support they require in order to rejoin the workforce and rebuild a self-sustainable livelihood for themselves.

Mission Possible is taking a proactive approach to poverty and homelessness in the Downtown Eastside and beyond. By recognizing the lack of opportunities among this community and filling that niche in a safe, supportive way, we are making real change in the lives of individuals and in our neighbourhood as a whole. By joining our Mission Possible team and raising funds for our program, you are making a difference!


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Mission Possible

Raised: $1,215.00

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May 23 Kelly Ho Undisclosed amount
May 23 Rajwant Mangat Yay Greg! $100.00
May 22 Wes and Nadia Mcmillan $50.00
May 22 Gregg Eligh Go for it, Jetske $50.00
May 22 Gerald Leong $100.00
May 22 Megan Taylor $50.00
May 22 Jocelyn Tsui Undisclosed amount
May 22 Wanda Simek I'm doing this for a great cause but also, let's be honest, for the haiku Undisclosed amount
May 22 Nadia Parks $25.00
May 22 Julia Wolfe $25.00