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Canadian Society Promoting Environmental Conservation

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We empower local communities in the Lower Mainland to build a greener future through our interactive educational programs and activities for children and adults. We are a volunteer-driven organization, founded in 1969 and focus our work practical solutions for sustainability in the areas of sustainable food systems, waste reduction and renewable energy.

Help us reach more children with our hands-on sustainability education programs that include the School Gardens program currently reaching 2,000 children every year, and our climate change and renewable energy program currently reaching 1,000 students annually.  With your donation we can reach more children in high needs schools. You can also get involved in supporting our programs by volunteering or signing up for our events and workshops!


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Jun 21 Laura Castrejon-Violante A la bio a la bao a la bim bom ba, Adri, Adri, ra ra ra!!!!! Abrazos de a montón. $5.00
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Jun 21 Laura Castrejon-Violante Silvia, eres una inspiración! Bravo!!! $5.00
Jun 21 Laura Castrejon-Violante Simon, somos tus fans!!! $5.00
Jun 21 Laura Castrejon Venga Oliver!!! Tu puedes, ánimo!! $5.00
Jun 20 Amanda Bakkum $100.00
Jun 19 Rob Niven Get it guuurl $40.00
Jun 19 Diana y JD Franco Martinez Animo Tomas! Corre como si te estuviera persiguiendo un pez dragon!!! ;) $25.00
Jun 19 Diana y JD Franco Martines Animo Simon! Corre, corre! Con toda! $25.00
Jun 19 Brenda Dunham There in spirit for your run. Love you epb! $111.00