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YOUR support powers DMRF Canada and allows us to connect, empower, and serve the 50,000 patients living with dystonia in Canada. The event is accessible for individuals with any walking abilities and you do have the option to use a wheelchair during the walk. DMRF Canada is returning for the third year this year because we had so much fun last year! We love taking part in this walk because this is the only event in western Canada that brings our Vancouver community together to raise awareness and meet each other.

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Nedeen Bazley

Raised: $600.00

Team leader

Krysalynne Jones

Raised: $0.00

Rachel Suttie

Raised: $0.00

Recent donors

Jun 21 Ron Gideon Congratulations on your 1st 3.1 Mike's tutu! $5.00
Jun 21 Shaun O'Grady Good luck! $25.00
Jun 20 Brett Slutker $50.00
Jun 20 Emily Logan $25.00
Jun 16 Robbie Clarke $25.00
Jun 12 Doris Trimble $20.00
Jun 11 Dian Simons Undisclosed amount
Jun 01 Diane Watson $50.00
May 29 Edmund Liem Happy (early) birthday Nedeen! $75.00
May 23 Tom Smith $25.00