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St. Paul’s Foundation raises funds for enhanced patient care by supporting equipment needs, research, teaching, capital projects and innovative health care strategies that are recognized for their excellence here in British Columbia and around the world.

Team members

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Dwight Chan

Raised: $301.43

Alicia Chan

Raised: $251.43

Eleazer Chan

Raised: $246.43

Neeta Uppal

Raised: $51.49

Team captain

Bina Randhawa

Raised: $51.43

Bradford Vinson

Raised: $51.43

Cassidy McCOLL

Raised: $51.43

Dashvin Brar

Raised: $51.43

Jeff Austin

Raised: $51.43

Lisa McColl

Raised: $51.43

Marcus Greatheart

Raised: $51.43

Melissa Donaldson

Raised: $51.43

Restituto Alvaro

Raised: $51.43

Sandra Lee

Raised: $51.43

Stan Karon

Raised: $51.43

Teresa Alvaro

Raised: $51.43

Travis McColl

Raised: $51.43

Brian Hufsmith

Raised: $0.00

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Jun 24 Kenny W. Chan $50.00
Jun 24 Kenny W. Chan $50.00
Jun 24 Kenny W. Chan $100.00
Jun 24 Dwight Chan From members of family committee $150.00
Jun 24 Dwight Chan $50.00
Jun 24 Esther, Jing, Li, Chrissie, Connie, Shirley & Dad $145.00
Jun 23 Ben Taddei Keep running Dwight! All the best, Ben. Undisclosed amount
Jun 23 kristie chan $50.00
Jun 20 Brian Hufsmith $25.00
Jun 18 On-site Fundraising Events $51.49