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Total raised
$2,905.00 Goal: $10,000.00

We’re eager to raise funds to nurture and support young writers and artists in BC. Every additional runner on our team will help us reach our goal – an ambitious one for an independent literature and arts publication.

Team members

Click on one of our team members below to make a donation.

Todd Nickel

Raised: $700.00

Team leader

Jenny Penberthy

Raised: $670.00

Jessica Pietrus

Raised: $450.00

Dylan Godwin

Raised: $260.00

Mark Cochrane

Raised: $165.00

Fenn Stewart

Raised: $125.00

Matea Kulic

Raised: $60.00

Holly Schmidt

Raised: $50.00

Renee Saklikar

Raised: $50.00

Recent donors

Jun 18 Becky Lupton $50.00
Jun 18 Andrew Klobucar $100.00
Jun 18 Ashar Foley Undisclosed amount
Jun 18 Gregory Betts Good running! $25.00
Jun 18 Stephen Collis Good luck - love TCR. $50.00
Jun 18 Daniel Zomparelli $50.00
Jun 18 Aimee Ouellette $25.00
Jun 18 Fred Wah $25.00
Jun 18 Rina Liddle $25.00
Jun 18 Geoffrey Nilson $25.00