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Help Corinne raise money

For participating in 2019 Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon & 5k

My Story…

Corinne is an Alto 2 singer (usually singing the lowest note on the page), and this fall will start her 20th season with Elektra! She has been running for almost as long….and is looking forward to another steady finish at the Scotiabank. Thank you so much for sponsoring Corinne this year! Your encouragement and support will be much appreciated, and every dollar raised will go directly to the Elektra Women’s Choir.


Under the leadership of a world-class conductor, Elektra inspires a strong following through consistent excellence in performance, a rich palette of sound, and open and professional presentation of who we are and what we do.

Elektra is proud to support, encourage, and educate those around us in the choral community. Elektra’s programs are people-focused, artistically rich environments in which to learn and grow.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Jun 18 HEATHER HESSON You are a multi talented woman! Best for your run. $100.00
Jun 16 Moyra Van Nua Have a great race Corinne! $50.00
Jun 14 Dagmar Dlab $25.00
Jun 11 Pattu Grann-Bell $50.00
Jun 11 Rapti Dietrich Can’t wait to see your smile at the end! Good luck! $50.00
Jun 10 Michelle Gentis $50.00
Jun 10 Annie and Ray Parsons $50.00