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Our story…

The Fountain of Love and Life is an organization for Catholic faith. This organization develops and produce meaningful TV/Radio programs to introduce Catholicism and support Chinese generalization in the world over nearly to 15 years. We are asking for you prayers and spiritual support for this mission, and of course in the spirit of stewardship please feel free to sponsor us. We are grateful for every prayer and dollar that is raised for this cause.


FLL cordially invites you to “Walk with God” by taking part in the Scotiabank Vancouver Half- Marathon and 5K walk 2019. All proceeds go to support the evangelization work of FLL in promoting the Good News. You are encouraged to invite families and friends to join, or even invite your belonging group(s) to form your own team to support this good cause.

Team members

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Francis Yau

Raised: $4,762.80

David Chow

Raised: $2,920.00

Team captain

Sophia Lui

Raised: $2,413.00

Wendy Hui

Raised: $2,336.00

Pauline Pui Yee Leung

Raised: $1,745.00

Yvonne Chan

Raised: $1,730.00

Beatrice Tao

Raised: $1,720.00

Ginne Lau

Raised: $1,390.00

Jacinta Cheng

Raised: $890.00

Michelle Kit Ha Li

Raised: $745.00

Wendy Pang

Raised: $600.00

Mabel Lee

Raised: $585.00

Rocky Lee

Raised: $565.00

Alfred King Wan Ho

Raised: $345.00

Margaret Yu

Raised: $345.00

Cecilia Lam

Raised: $320.00

Shung Yan Lee

Raised: $285.00

Eliza Ho

Raised: $220.00

Veronica Sam

Raised: $220.00

Tony Kin Ip Wong

Raised: $190.00

Doris Lai Fong Chan

Raised: $50.00

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Jul 12 Agnes Mok $20.00
Jul 12 Virginia Tong $156.00
Jul 06 David Kwong Sorry for the delay, as we just got back. $50.00
Jul 05 Bennett Cheung $50.00
Jun 27 Aaron Chan $20.00
Jun 27 Poon Kim Ng $100.00
Jun 26 Benson Pang $20.00
Jun 26 Michael Lo $100.00
Jun 26 Jimmy Tsang $100.00
Jun 26 Simon Suen $85.00