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SMA is the number 1 genetic killer of children under the age of 2. SMA is like ALS in children. 

Charlie-Anne was given 3 months to live at 6 months of age and is turning TEN June 22nd, the day before the race! She is celebrating by rolling 21k ! to raise funds to cure SMA!

Join us and help us raise funds! Prizes for top fundraisers!

Team members

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Drew Scollon

Raised: $10,845.00

Charlie-Anne Cox

Raised: $3,930.00

Christie Kerasiotis

Raised: $1,000.00

Trish Ashbee

Raised: $550.00

Shauna McCrae

Raised: $525.00

Erin Barclay

Raised: $370.00

Team captain

Innis McCourty

Raised: $250.00

Kathleen Kivilahti

Raised: $100.00

Oonagh Arnold

Raised: $25.00

Amie Thomas

Raised: $0.00

Nora Iliakis

Raised: $0.00

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Jun 23 Bill Ashbee Thanks Kirsty Allen Lamie $50.00
Jun 23 Karla Thomas Happy Birthday! Rock and Roll 21.1! :) $50.00
Jun 23 genevieve graham we are SO proud of you guys!! well done!! 😍💖🙌 $150.00
Jun 23 Nora McKibbin Undisclosed amount
Jun 23 Holly Happy Birthday to the most inspiring student in Division 12. You're awesome! $25.00
Jun 23 Padraic O Rourke Amazing in so many ways $50.00
Jun 23 Adrienne Tiltman Undisclosed amount
Jun 23 Sandra Bocarac $100.00
Jun 23 Thomas Carr Go Charlie Go! $50.00
Jun 23 NK Media Inc. Keep up the good work budday! $100.00