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Help Alan raise money

For participating in Subaru CASA Cycling Challenge

Individual Fundraising

My daughter Hayley and I feel fortunate to join team (Stu Coman, Neil Umberger and Kip Williams), to have the privilege to ride in the 24-hour CASA bike event next weekend and are in need of your support.

I am hoping you might be interested in supporting us in this event but more importantly the forgotten kids of Lafayette. You can do right here to our page or do it on your own and learn more about CASA in the process. It all goes to the same important cause.

CASA serves as a critical advocate for some of the most disadvantaged kids kids in our area. Some of the cases are heartbreaking, but your support makes it possible for our kids to receive the support of the CASAs for Kids Fund.

Best to you all, and thanks for any and all consideration. Out team is looking forward to a great day on next Saturday, Aug. 10 and Sunday, Aug. 11!


Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Aug 20 James MacDonald $54.39
Aug 18 Cathy Wright Eger $54.39
Aug 11 Steve Klink $54.39
Aug 08 Karen Springer $27.65
Aug 08 Mike Erdman $27.65
Aug 06 Michael McClure $107.86
Aug 06 Lindsay Walls $27.65
Aug 05 Gary Henriott Good luck and I hope you have a calm and cool day!! $54.39
Aug 03 Christina Anderson $107.86
Aug 02 Lynn Clark $107.86