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My Story…

I grew up with the privilege of Quadra Island. Kayaking, hiking, swimming, fishing, and aimlessly adventuring was just a part of my childhood. Able-bodied and blessed with an active family, I was never short on that unstructured play that fosters imagination – with cousins, friends, and neighbors we designed our own activities in the infinite possibilities found outdoors. That's why I am taking part in an event that helps fundraise Power to Be, an organization that enables those with disabilities to have that same joyful access to nature. The organization engages all ages, from children to seniors and does not discriminate in terms of support. Regardless of your need, the Power to Be organization provides inclusive access to nature and all of its benefits. Here, take a look for yourself:

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Apr 25 Madura Sornarajah $26.29
Apr 11 Margery Zapf-Gilje $26.29
Apr 10 Sarah Turner $25.00
Apr 10 Andrea de Goede $20.00
Apr 10 Philippa Zapf $26.29