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Raise money for Wellwood

Wellwood empowers you to live well with cancer.

This is a community-based, non-profit organization which gives you tools to cope with the challenge of living with a diagnosis, providing information, programs and peer support to people who have received a diagnosis of cancer, loved ones, caregivers and healthcare providers. Working with existing community agencies and cancer care providers, Wellwood aims to provide integrative supportive care.

All of our programs are available at no charge.

As a safe, inclusive and accessible centre, volunteers and staff strive to make Wellwood barrier-free for all.  The Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion recently presented Wellwood with our city's first organizational Diversity Champion Award in recognition of this commitment.

As a registered charity, Wellwood depends entirely on donations, grants and funds raised through special events to continue to provide our services free of charge to everyone affected by cancer.


Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information

Racing In The Street

Raised: CA$20,643.55

Legs for Legacy

Raised: CA$7,254.60

Team Boyle

Raised: CA$2,701.83

Liv Out Loud

Raised: CA$2,119.93

Team Trisura

Raised: CA$1,789.63

Simon Says RUN!!!

Raised: CA$1,577.65

Running for Daddy

Raised: CA$1,208.75

Our Thanks to Wellwood

Raised: CA$1,183.90

Grammy Pammy's HummingBirds

Raised: CA$1,116.12

Barb's Baskets

Raised: CA$1,113.81

Team Orange

Raised: CA$1,005.45

Grammy's Crew

Raised: CA$865.09

Effort Trust

Raised: CA$737.26

Dundas Run Club

Raised: CA$399.49


Raised: CA$358.61

Happy Hour Gang

Raised: CA$304.82

McMaster Sociology

Raised: CA$264.58

Crappe Diem

Raised: CA$255.55

The Marinics

Raised: CA$237.53

Keep Smiling

Raised: CA$220.23

Team Mishy

Raised: CA$218.54

The Bum Knees

Raised: CA$163.90

Team Stenekes

Raised: CA$132.43

Strollin' for the Colon

Raised: CA$88.76

Team Bad Ass

Raised: CA$83.40


Raised: CA$55.60


Raised: CA$38.54

Team Dino

Raised: CA$34.13

Team Andrews

Raised: CA$30.00


Raised: CA$27.80

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Nov 30 Ryan Fendley CA$20.00
Nov 30 Terri Webb CA$20.00
Nov 30 Nancy Zimmerman CA$20.00
Nov 30 Tracy Pagliaro CA$20.00
Nov 30 Katy Carver CA$20.00
Nov 30 Jenn Freire CA$20.00
Nov 30 Linda Brooks CA$25.00
Nov 30 Thomas Mildenberger CA$25.00
Nov 30 Tony Knight CA$100.00
Nov 30 Lois Irvine CA$20.00