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Help us raise money for participating in Wellwood Walk/Run/Wheel


Team members

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Michael George

Raised: CA$20,110.85

Susan Daignault

Raised: CA$1,706.05

Craig Stevens

Raised: CA$1,537.20

Dale Stevens

Raised: CA$404.65

Team captain

Paul Wilson

Raised: CA$250.00

Sue Stevens

Raised: CA$231.20

Judy Sagat

Raised: CA$155.60

Mike Sagat

Raised: CA$110.23

Chris Vasko

Raised: CA$0.00

Kelsey Hickey

Raised: CA$0.00

Kim Wilson

Raised: CA$0.00

Kyle Welham

Raised: CA$0.00

Linda Vasko

Raised: CA$0.00

Lisa Hampel

Raised: CA$0.00

Paul Beckwith

Raised: CA$0.00

Paul Daignault

Raised: CA$0.00

Zach Wilson

Raised: CA$0.00

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Oct 18 Spencer George CA$100.00
Oct 18 Michelle McCafferty CA$54.63
Oct 18 Liette Desrosiers CA$54.63
Oct 18 Ian Johnson CA$1,000.00
Oct 18 Rene-Ann Hemmings Love you for doing this bro!!❤️ CA$54.63
Oct 18 Cottam Solar Limited CA$108.31
Oct 18 Giuseppe Nirta Don’t spend this on beer n weed like before CA$537.69
Oct 18 Peter Barby Good luck with the run Mike - there is no shame in walking for a while :). CA$108.31
Oct 17 David Scotland Undisclosed amount
Oct 17 Lily Rose and Gemma George Yay! Go Mike, Go! CA$54.63