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The Aerothlon participants register by a suggested $100 donation registration fee in order to pay for costs such as insurance, petrol , prizes and logistics as a non profit event. 

Part of the proceeds will go to the Pemberton Valley Trails Association.

Come join us for an amazing event on Labour day long weekend in our beautiful province British Columbia!

Registration is open! 

The Pemberton Aerothlon is set again for next year after it’s inaugural event in 2018. We learned a lot from the first year. We had a variety of international athletes participate and registration is set for 2019. 

I would like to officially invite any interested sponsors, paraglide pilots, mountain bikers and runners to The Pemberton Aerothlon September 1st.

Course Map


1. Team relay where each person does different sport .

2. Individual , where hard core athletes such as ones from do all three sports, run, fly and bike.

3. The Tandem duo, where the athlete who runs and bikes goes with the tandem pilot .

Donate to Register!

Team Relay

Team relay where each person does different sport!

  1. $100.00
    Oct 12 - Aug 31
    Donate to Register


Where hardcore athletes do all three sports: run, fly and bike!

  1. $100.00
    Oct 12 - Aug 31
    Donate to Register

Tandem Duo

Where the athlete who runs and bikes goes WITH the tandem pilot!

  1. $100.00
    Oct 12 - Aug 31
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With the Aerothlon being such an international event taking place in four nations, we could really do something with that. Our local mountain bike riders, paraglide pilots, and runners, along with our events in Colombia, Mexico and Peru have started something special between these 4 communities.  I include some possibilities with an example of cross cultural interaction between four mountain towns in four countries . More on the website.

For example, here are a few possibilities;

  • Tourism cross promotion. We must not neglect the tourism potential generated by small sustainable events such as the aerothlon. We have spent so much time preparing our beautiful trail system and paraglide launches in Pemberton and McKenzie Basin. All four international communities already share the three sports with the aerothlon . Now we are starting to acquire contacts to draw tourism through the event. Malinalco Mexico draws from 20 million strong visitor base in Mexico city. Huaraz, Peru from Lima, Per (12million pop)  and a huge pool of tourism generated by the Peruvian govt. Roldanillo Colombia recognized the tourism potential and are drawing from the 2million paragliders world wide. There are now 600 paraglide pilots bringing in about $30K a day into this community of 30,000, and they are there for four months. 
  • Agriculture; All 4 communities practice extensive agriculture from potatoes, to corn to varied methods from growing  fruits and vegetables , especially in the colder climates of Mexico and Peru at higher elevations. Different and new markets may be found especially in the lucrative organic food markets through contacts from these communities. Cattle, poultry and horses are a big part of this as well with so much more new information becoming available here in Pemberton thanks to this interaction.
  • Products for export. All four mountain communities have various products for export; mThis comes from microbreweries in all 4 communities, vodka in Pemberton, Pisco in Peru and Mezcal in Mexico. These products can all learn from each other as far as marketing and distribution by sharing contacts and marketing ideas. 
  • Arts , music, culture; This is a great way for our children and youth to discover the world as it comes to Pemberton and become open to learn from these other cultures. There will be new friends to meet and invitations to visit and learn from the world and become better people from it.

I am just touching on all the possibilities available to us in Pemberton through our little event. I do not want or need this event to get very big. I would be happy keeping it small, non profit by donation and manageable and maybe doubling the competitors to around 50 maximum, with volunteers the entire event would not exceed 100 participants. The rest of the people, the athletes families and friends are enjoying what our valley has to offer. I would love to have part of the proceeds go to our trail association here in Pemberton as it is those trails that made all this possible, and there is lots of room on them for more visitors. This is primarily a media and social media event , but it is proven that with these competitors, several hundred friends, family and media can come and enjoy beautiful Pemberton for a few weeks leaving a small eco footprint. 

In order to have a really successful event, I need to raise an extra monies for prizes in order to attract the top athletes from the three sports. It is proven that every top athlete has thousands of followers and it is those that we draw on to visit. The great thing is that local athletes here can challenge themselves with the worlds best. Here is an example of one famous athlete who visited Pemberton in his small plane on way from Alaska to Argentina. He is a athlete who helped us consult on our course in September!

Press Media

Thank you Pique for a kind review on our Aerothlon... Yes stay in touch about the Aerothlon in Pemberton planned for Sept1st , 2019 , a Sunday this time with Saturday left as a training , recon trail and course day .…/aerothlon-deem…/Content…

Also see Mountainlife article earlier ;

This could be you!



2018 Results


Event Schedule

  • August 31 8:00 AM PDT - Training day for competitors to run , fly , and mountain bike course

  • September 1 8:00 AM PDT - Aerothlon Competition

Contact Information

Event Location

Pemberton, BC, Canada

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