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My Story…

It is time again to get "Piggy with It!!!" This year I will be doing the Christian Morlein 1 Mile, the Pig 5K, and the Pig Half Marathon!!! The Pig 5K is in support of my friend's, Robin Hornberger, charity Run for the Future! Run the Future will start awarding $20,000 scholarships to WCHS students in 2021 who could not otherwise afford college including a community college. The scholarship would be $20,000 each year for 4 years. Education is the most powerful tool to lift a child out of poverty, so please help me by making a donation to Run for the Future!

Donate to help Stacy raise money for Charity Partner Registration and Fundraising - Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon Weekend 2019’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Mar 29 Sophia Rodriguez $27.68
Mar 28 Allison Jones Go, Stacy!! $11.62
Mar 28 Michael T Carraher $22.32
Mar 26 Paul Annarummo $54.43
Mar 25 Russ Recker $54.43
Mar 25 Eleonora Fusco Go Go Girl! You are an example for us all!!! $107.94
Jan 25 Stacy Recker Undisclosed amount