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For participating in Lynnsie's Run

Team members

Click on one of our team members below to make a donation.

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Katrina Spencer

Raised: CA$320.00

Patricia Lovelock

Raised: CA$300.00

Anne Cowan

Raised: CA$155.00

Team captain

Ryann Wojtasik

Raised: CA$110.00

Cynthia Baycetich

Raised: CA$105.00

Heather Woods

Raised: CA$100.00

Kim Fowler

Raised: CA$100.00

Laura Wojtasik

Raised: CA$100.00

Heather Stronks

Raised: CA$25.00


Raised: CA$0.00

Danielle Boschman

Raised: CA$0.00

Fletcher Mcgowan

Raised: CA$0.00

Gabby Boschman

Raised: CA$0.00

Gavin Woods

Raised: CA$0.00

Grayson McGowan

Raised: CA$0.00

Kevin McVey

Raised: CA$0.00

Leah Woods

Raised: CA$0.00

Lisa Lee

Raised: CA$0.00

Mikayla Boschman

Raised: CA$0.00

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
May 26 Cynthia Baycetich CA$105.00
May 26 Kevin McVey CA$40.00
May 26 Lisa Lee CA$35.00
May 26 Katrina Spencer CA$60.00
May 26 Jennifer Knott CA$30.00
May 26 Holly Gibbs Im not able to be there this year but I am there in Solidarity Spirit! 👭 Good luck today! CA$50.00
May 25 Danielle Boschman CA$25.00
May 25 Heather Stronks CA$25.00
May 25 Samantha Wilson CA$25.00
May 25 Kate McGinnis CA$25.00