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The Heller Center for Kids with Cancer

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The Heller Center for Kids with Cancer helps local kids and families live a life beyond cancer. Today, over 80% of kids survive their cancer diagnosis. But they deserve more than survivorship; they deserve to thrive. The Heller Center supports the entire family, helping patients, parents and siblings face the obstacles and trauma a cancer diagnosis creates. Funded entirely by donations and grants, it provides critical, non-medical support services like counseling for the whole family, help keeping kids in school to create normalcy, a long-term follow-up clinic and much more. Your donation to the Heller Center means patients and their families have the support they need, today and every day.

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Aug 18 Anonymous $22.15
Aug 16 MJ Fanmily-fb We love to do all we can for children. Our dream is a cure for all childhood diseases and every child fed. Thank you for this chance to help $16.83
Aug 15 William Hickey Undisclosed amount
Aug 14 Anonymous Undisclosed amount