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Standard Poodles In Need, Rescue &  Rehome (SPIN) is a Canadian non-profit, foster-based organization primarily concerned with the welfare of homeless or unwanted standard poodles but also with the welfare of toy poodles, mini-poodles and poodle mixes. 

All dogs entering our  program are spayed or neutered, microchipped, brought up-to-date on shots and have had their medical needs attended to.  Once we deem a dog to be ready for adoption, SPIN then actively seeks out well-matched permanent homes.

Our foster program enables us to observe the disposition and needs of each individual dog and work on any required behavioural or training issues. Our adoption screening process is quite rigorous and is designed to aid prospective adopters in the selection of a pet that fits the personality, desires and lifestyle of the family.


SPIN strives to educate and raise public awareness about how to be responsible for and share your life with a companion animal.  We talk about the importance of spay/neuter programs, the deplorable conditions found in puppy mills and advocate for change. We are most proud, however, of our work in engaging like-minded people by providing a forum to discuss how to care for and celebrate the poodle breed, and to come together when necessary to help poodles in need.

 SPIN is affiliated with Helping Homeless Pets, charity receipts will be distributed by Helping Homeless Pets once the event has passed. Please request the charity receipt if you would like and contact SPIN if you have questions


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Raised: $4,614.80

Standard Poodles in Need

Raised: $27.80

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Apr 21 Wendy Lawrenson Good luck Paula! From Romeo :) $50.00
Apr 20 Dauna Christal Thanks for all you do ❤️ $54.63
Apr 20 Karen Guest-Miller $108.31
Apr 18 Alison Carter Go Max Go $54.63
Apr 18 OPCA Shelter Network Alliance, Inc. Undisclosed amount
Apr 17 Ann Heide $27.80
Apr 17 Christine Lautsch Go Max go! Can't wait to see you bop over the finish line. Thank-you Michelle for caring for Max and posting progress of his joyful life. $27.80
Apr 17 Shirley Shouse Go Max you are awesome $27.80
Apr 16 Chaos, Joey & Leo $269.32
Apr 16 Agnes Haak $54.63