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Help Michelle & “MAX” raise money

For participating in Mega Dog Raw Furry Friends 5k Oshawa 2019

My Story…

This is the OFFICIAL Max sponsorship page for SPIN (Standard Poodles In Need). Max is a VERY special edition puppy, who is bopping in the FF5K to raise money and awareness for Standard Poodles In Need (SPIN). Max is a 6 month old Standard Poodle puppy who was born with a rare form of Spina Bifida. Max’s spinal cord and vertebrae did not develop properly, meaning that Max is paralyzed in his back legs. Most puppies like Max are euthanized, but luckily for Max, SPIN took him in. Because of SPIN and generous donations of supporters, Max was able to have life saving spinal surgery, and is now able to live a happy puppy life. He is a joy to be around, and brings a smile to everyone he meets. Our world is better with dogs like Max in it, and without SPIN, Max would not be here with us today. Max has a personal goal of raising $1500 to go to the FF5K event and “bop” across the finish line in typical Max fashion. Please join us in helping dogs like Max!

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Jun 02 Jacqueline Miller $27.80
May 23 Kim Mitchell To my little inspiration... all the other pups and the great folks at SPIN! $100.00
May 21 Nora Underwood Thank you and everyone at SPIN for all your generosity of time and heart for these wonderful animals! $108.31
May 20 Michael Pearson Go Michelle $27.80
May 20 Laurie Burdon Yay Max and Michelle! $27.80
May 20 Juliette’s Couture 5415 $323.00
May 19 Judith K Jumper Happy to have the opportunity to help. Zoom Max, Zoom! $81.47
Apr 30 Frances Cheslo Helping you meet your goal! Give Max a big kiss! $27.80
Apr 27 Lyn & Luis Viana (and Leah - red miniature poodle) In memory of Mocha - our chocolate standard poodle, gone but not forgotten. Michelle - thanks for all the amazing things you do for Max. $54.63
Apr 26 Debra Richards You are such an inspiration Max! Go-Max-Go! $108.31