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For participating in Miles for Migraine - Burlington 2019

My Story…

Combine migraine and migraine advocacy and you basically have my every day life buttoned up! I've been living with migraine disease for almost 32 years. I've been chronic (meaning more than 15 days a month) for about 9 years now. Migraine has impacted my career, my relationships, my hobbies, my independence and most of all my physical and emotional health. The biggest misconception about migraine is that it's a headache. It's so much more. Headache is only 1 of the many symptoms that make this such a disabling disease. I refuse to be sidelined or sit quietly an accept the status quo of limited research funding, disease stigma and a lack of effective treatment options. I have turned to migraine advocacy as a way to redirect my frustrations and work to get us to a cure one day. Any donation you can make will be appreciated. I am especially passionate about THIS Miles for Migraine event because it benefits research at my local headache clinic at UVM.

Donate to help Katie raise money for Miles for Migraine - Burlington 2019’s fundraising campaign.


Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Oct 01 F Philip Fiermonte To support Katie McDonald’s work $15.90
Sep 24 Anonymous $175.00
Sep 17 Jo-Ann Sheehey Good luck with the event on Saturday. Sorry I have to miss it. $53.00
Sep 17 Robert Behrens Undisclosed amount
Sep 16 Janet Maguire Good luck and success for you and the event, Katie ! You are an inspiration! $63.60
Sep 16 Adam Wing $50.00
Sep 16 Tom Creswell $26.50
Sep 16 Stacey Sadowsky $53.00
Sep 16 Antonia Clark $26.50
Sep 16 TESS WEINISCH Thinking of all the amazing work you do Katie! $10.60