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Help us raise money

For participating in Heart Breaker Challenge 2019

Team members

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Rishi Mahajan

Raised: $175.00

Team captain

Shahnaz Mahajan

Raised: $150.00

John Paul Robinet

Raised: $55.00

Ruchik Varia

Raised: $50.00

Ajay Sidhu

Raised: $0.00

Ethan MacNeily

Raised: $0.00

Glenn Ye

Raised: $0.00

Joey Lee

Raised: $0.00

Laura DaFre

Raised: $0.00

Lori Gaultieri

Raised: $0.00

Luka Apostolovski

Raised: $0.00

Mark MacNeily

Raised: $0.00

Mike MacNeily

Raised: $0.00

Nate Menear

Raised: $0.00

Ronit Mahajan

Raised: $0.00

Tejinder Sidhu

Raised: $0.00

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
May 25 Ruchik Varia $25.00
May 24 Stacey Murtagh $25.00
May 24 Donna Ingratta $100.00
May 24 Scott Donaldson $50.00
May 24 FRANK ONDRACKA I would have loved to participate but due to long term injuries I am prevented in doing so. Good luck to all! $100.00
May 24 Dan Shepley Go team! Undisclosed amount
May 24 Glenn Ye $25.00
May 24 Anonymous $50.00
May 24 Glenn Bersuk $100.00
May 24 Mary Schweitzer Good Luck Ruchik $50.00