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Raise money for KidsAbility Foundation

At KidsAbility, we are truly grateful for the funds raised through the Rotary Classic Superhero Run – an event that has supported our organization for decades! Simply by participating, you are helping children and youth with special needs gain access to life-changing therapy, essential equipment, assistance for their families and so much more!

I’d like to express my appreciation. Thanks to events like the Rotary Classic Superhero Run and individuals like you, thousands of children with special needs have been able to reach their full potential.

Lisa Talbot
Executive Director
KidsAbility Foundation


Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information

Clippers for KidsAbility

Raised: $2,018.20

The Super Star Squad

Raised: $1,484.62

Jordyns Crusaders

Raised: $1,476.76

Jennings Family

Raised: $1,457.17

Miss marvel

Raised: $1,034.36

Team Claire

Raised: $937.20


Raised: $896.33

The Blackwell Group

Raised: $381.48

Team BDO

Raised: $340.15

British Invasion

Raised: $256.12

The Fab 4

Raised: $223.12

The League of Extraordinary Moms

Raised: $109.26

Loker Lightening

Raised: $109.26

Chips of Fire

Raised: $108.31

The Davis Defenders

Raised: $108.31

Teo's Spideys

Raised: $72.66

Blair Road School

Raised: $66.33

Keeping up with the Kennedys

Raised: $55.60

Team Sirbu

Raised: $54.63

Team Devlin

Raised: $27.80

We Are The One

Raised: $27.80

Keeping Up With The Kennedy's

Raised: $25.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Jun 11 Sue Arsenault $25.00
Jun 08 Anonymous $17.07
Jun 07 Ron and Judith Gooding $54.63
Jun 07 Todd Purdy $108.31
Jun 05 Anonymous $54.63
Jun 05 Anonymous $54.63
Jun 04 Pope Family $11.70
Jun 04 Rocky Rice $27.80
Jun 03 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Jun 02 Alan & Karen Robinson $27.80