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My Story…

4 years ago, in the matter of seconds our lives changed forever. My son fell to the floor convulsing. He started to loose color and slowly stopped breathing. He was just 5 years old. As EMT'S and Fire trucks started showing up we were able to get him to regain conscious enough to start breathing again. in the ambulance he would have another seizure, in the E.R another.This became our lives. Ambulances, E.R'S, EEG'S. My husband and i would take shifts thru the nights to watch him sleep. We were fortunate enough to finally land at UCSF Pediatric brain center in San Francisco where they diagnosed him with Generalized Convulsive Epilepsy and they were able to get his seizures under control with medication. By some miracle they saved my sons life. He has a lot of challenges now but overall he is thriving and there is no thank you big enough for those who saved my sons life. Your donation can help save a life and there is NO thank you big enough for that. Love you Jacob.

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