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Hi my name is Jordyan and I would like to invite you to support me on Sunday, March 24th. at the Epilepsy Walk to bring awareness to Epilepsy. My team is Jordyan -“Unstoppable. I have been battling seizures since the age of 2. I have been on at least 14 different medicines to help control my seizures. There have been times where I was seizures free for long period of times and I would let my guard down, but then they come back. When the seizure come back, and they remind me of how horrible they can be. I am 16, a teenager who is trying to fit in with all the things that a teenager has to deal with and along with seizures. I am a strong, smart, confident young lady, who happens to have seizures. I try to stay strong with the help of my family and friends and my faith in God. I am determined to do all the things a 16 old student athlete should be able to do. I will not let seizures stop me from doing a anything. I say I may have seizures, but they don’t have me!

Help us raise money for participating in Seize the Moment Run 2019

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