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Raise money for The Community House

Thank you for your generous donation in support of the 2019 Walk the Walk.  Proceeds from the Walk will benefit The Counseling Center of The Community House. The Counseling Center provides therapeutic services to residents of both DuPage and Cook County who are striving to live their best lives. Our therapists provide life-changing services to people of all ages and stages of life with concerns related to autism spectrum disorder, depression, anxiety, trauma, behaviors, life transitions, challenging relationships, & more.  Each step you take supports the comprehensive and family-centered services that we provide to the children and families in our participating in our programs.

Based in Hinsdale and serving the surrounding suburbs, we are a nonprofit organization (501(c)3) that offers community recreation and quality social services to people of all ages and walks of life. We make a difference in the lives of thousands of families and individuals by providing local opportunities for athletics, arts and culture, counseling, education services, volunteer opportunities, and community connections.


Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information

Team Mid-America

Raised: $7,881.26

Prospect Panthers

Raised: $6,817.85

Drew's Crew

Raised: $6,068.86

Walk with the Petree Peeps

Raised: $4,098.59

Hinsdale Central Boy's Volleyball

Raised: $2,936.70

Applied Behavioral Consulting

Raised: $2,628.16


Raised: $2,223.64

Oak Team Hootie

Raised: $1,765.85

Heart and Sole

Raised: $1,519.38

HMS Spartans

Raised: $1,427.18

TCH Junior Board

Raised: $1,101.18

Team Puff

Raised: $1,001.06

Monroe Mustangs

Raised: $956.40

School District 181 * Admin-a-Stars *

Raised: $818.23

Madison Team Paws

Raised: $805.03

Walker Wildcats

Raised: $760.00

Leo/Fusion Oak Brook

Raised: $710.90

LEO Club

Raised: $652.44

Hinsdale Central Peer Buddies

Raised: $529.06

Team Menza

Raised: $478.75

Erwin Family

Raised: $372.10

Kathy's Team

Raised: $315.00

Elm Team Bowser

Raised: $296.83

Hinsdale Central Red Devil Nation

Raised: $255.00

The Walkie Talkies

Raised: $240.60

Homeland Mortgage

Raised: $240.00

Terry Family

Raised: $220.00

Hinsdale Newcomers and Neighbors

Raised: $196.83

Team TCH

Raised: $180.93

Walking Warriors

Raised: $175.00


Raised: $175.00

Bandukwala Family

Raised: $140.00


Raised: $132.48

Picnic Plans group

Raised: $124.10


Raised: $120.00

Illini Badgers

Raised: $120.00


Raised: $105.00

D86 Chinese families

Raised: $87.68

Team Mavco

Raised: $86.90

Hanke Family

Raised: $80.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
May 21 Jeff Petree $2,000.00
May 13 Edward Foley $54.10
May 08 The Zeitler Family Undisclosed amount
May 06 Prospect School $759.33
May 01 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
May 01 Alina Merrill Thanks for doing this Dan!! $54.10
Apr 30 Sarah Adekola Undisclosed amount
Apr 30 The Mighty Falcons We are so proud of you Jack! Undisclosed amount
Apr 30 Joan Hardman Undisclosed amount
Apr 30 Patricia Ember $54.10