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Name Leader Members Raised Action
Frank & Angie's Peddlers Join team Rick Lohrke Rick Lohrke, Amy Lohrke, Cindy Chamberlain, Tim Chamberlain, Andrea Straus $270.50
Zero's Hero's Join team Marsha Buckminster Marsha Buckminster, TRACEY CLARK, Billie Morehouse, Michael Morehouse, Dale Clark $270.50
Knuckleballs Join team Sue Johnson Thomas Schneck, Carolyn Schneck, Madeline Knier $162.30
Road Rashers Join team Anthony Alesci Anthony Alesci, Grace Alesci $108.20
Elite Sports Clubs Join team Christy Beckmann Christy Beckmann $50.00
Bernie's Biking Ballers Join team Carey DeWitt Carey DeWitt, Rick Starr $11.50
Curley Crazies Join team Michael Kirley $0.00
El Pollo Cycling Join team Sam Cichanowicz Sam Cichanowicz, Dean Weissbluth, Molly Rozga, Lorraine Radtke`, Wolfgang Fraunhofer, Tom Kenton, Derek White $0.00
National Ski and Bike Patrol Join team Peter Holdridge Peter Holdridge, Julie Holdridge $0.00
UWM Life Impact Join team Natalie Reinbold Natalie Reinbold, Hamilton Reinbold, Corbett Reinbold, Siri Reinbold $0.00

Event Location

Miller Park, Brewers Way, Milwaukee, WI, United States

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