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We love our Volunteers! 

We appreciate your kindness and generosity in joining us in this community fundraiser and celebration of Julia's Garden.  Planning a successful road race takes careful organizing and most importantly, volunteers!  Without them our race would simply not function.

We ask that our volunteers be over 16 years of age and arrive at 7:00 am for sign in and stay until 11:00 am. There are no other special requirements for volunteering, except that you show up and have fun!

Noted below are important points we would like to review prior to your committing to a volunteer postion on race day. We strive to keep our runners and our volunteers safe and to have a great experience for all:

  • As a volunteer, you are an Ambassador for The Julia Cekala Charitable Foundation and the Butterfly 5K Road Race and we remind all to treat runners, guests, participants, other volunteers with the utmost courtesy and respect.
  • Be prepared to answer many types of questions. Familiarize yourself with the course map and schedule of events. You can find this information on our website at  to learn more about our event. Each volunteer will be provided with an information packet.
  • Your prompt arrival and completion of your shift are vital to the success of race day. 
  • If it is the day of your scheduled shift and you find you cannot make it, please be considerate and contact Lynda at 508-243-1188 so we can adjust our roster.
  • Our event will take place regardless of the weather. Please check the weather and dress accordingly.
  • You may not consume any alcoholic beverages or smoke during your volunteer shift
  • Your assignment is complete when a staff member releases you. If you have not been released at the end of your shift, please contact a nearby lead volunteer. If you are on the course, your assignment is complete when the pace car passes and you have cleaned up your area if you are working a water station.
  • Pets are not allowed with you during your volunteer shift. 
  • Depending on race needs, volunteer assignments may be reallocated — please be flexible
  • The Julia Cekala Charitable Foundation reserves the right to search any bags for security reasons.
  • The Julia Cekala Charitable Foundation is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Event Location

World War I Memorial Park, Elmwood Street, North Attleboro

Click here to view map