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Looking to join a team and train with a group? Join the IN Run Crew!
***All are encouraged and welcome***

The IN Run Crew is a Queer run club created by IN Magazine and Nike Canada to raise awareness around LGBTQ+ inclusion in sport. We aim to spread love and create safe spaces for LGBTQA individuals to stay active and break a sweat!

Over the last three years, the IN Run Crew has raised over $60,000 for the Pride & Remembrance Run and its many incredible beneficiaries. This year, we're looking to take it one step forward and raise another $40,000 to reach our goal of $100,000!

Our group will also be donating 100h of their time to different LGBTQ+ organization. Let's spread the love and spread the wealth!

Join us every Thursday at 6:04 as train for the annual Pride and Remembrance Run!
(More info at

IN Run Crew


Help support LGBTQ initiatives through the Pride and Remembrance Run!

100% of your gift will go towards the Pride Run’s 2019 beneficiaries. These projects and initiatives will benefit thousands of people in the community and will not happen without your support

AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT)Intimate Partner Violence Support Groups for Cis and Trans Gay Bi and Queer Men (GBQT)

Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention - (Black CAP): The NIA Project to promote health information to the African, Caribbean & Black communities in Toronto

Inside OUT LGBTQ2 Film FestivalLGBTQ Youth Film & Media Arts Accessibility initiative

The 519Doing it for Ourselves program for older LGBTQ2S adults

 Pride and Remembrance Foundation: The Foundation’s mandate is to provide financial support to registered charities that benefit the LGBTQ2+ community.These benefits may include individual projects, services and/or activities that provide health, educational, legal, social athletic, cultural or other charitable benefits.

Team members

Click on one of our team members below to make a donation.

e.g., John, Smith, or

Arthur Mendonça

Raised: $6,325.39

Boris Nikic

Raised: $4,766.75

Gabriel Ribadeneira

Raised: $1,742.85

Patricia Salib

Raised: $1,578.26

Antonio Mongillo

Raised: $602.32

Christopher Turner

Raised: $440.04

John Kenyon

Raised: $146.92

Olivia Catroppa

Raised: $58.76

Bradley Blaylock

Raised: $20.00

Team captain

Eric Bang

Raised: $20.00

Jesse Lindsey

Raised: $20.00

Alkarim Jadavji

Raised: $0.00

Brett House

Raised: $0.00

Christopher Chu

Raised: $0.00

Frank Jessop

Raised: $0.00

Franz Averion

Raised: $0.00

Jennifer Drobot

Raised: $0.00

Jessica Platt

Raised: $0.00

Jo Primeau

Raised: $0.00

Mac Archibald

Raised: $0.00

Madeleine Porter

Raised: $0.00

Mark Williams

Raised: $0.00

Michael Archibald

Raised: $0.00

Michael Ryan

Raised: $0.00

Nicholas Frangione

Raised: $0.00

R.J. Edralin

Raised: $0.00

Stephen Miller

Raised: $0.00

Susan Mok

Raised: $0.00

Tara Archibald

Raised: $0.00

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Aug 07 Nadia Da Silva $26.41
Jul 12 Lindsey Walton Good luck Boris and family!!! $100.00
Jul 09 Centro $100.00
Jun 23 Morgan Priest We love you G! $108.31
Jun 23 Jody Swain Way to go Antonio! $54.63
Jun 22 Laura James Good Luck! $108.31
Jun 22 Cory Jones $33.16
Jun 22 Danielle Campagna $33.16
Jun 22 John Chantelle Victor and Colton Proud of you big Brother $108.31
Jun 22 Anna A Go Pattycakes!! Undisclosed amount