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Island Prostate Centre

Raise money for Island Prostate Centre

Island Prostate Centre is here to support Vancouver Island and Gulf Island men and their families at every step of their journey through diagnosis, decisions, treatment and recovery. We are an information and support centre that provides free programs and supports for men and their families. We work as a secondary resource to physicians to ensure men have what they need to make informed decisions about prostate health and diagnosis. We rely on generous contributions of time and money from individuals, businesses and foundations to help us deliver men’s health services to Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. We are grateful for the ongoing support from our sponsors and community partners. Since its inception, the Island Prostate Centre has served over 82,000 men on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.


Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information

Ferried Treasure

Raised: $3,110.95

IBM Twisted Blisters

Raised: $2,433.13

Long Time Listener, Third Time Caller

Raised: $2,061.94


Raised: $1,705.78

The Neal Estate Team

Raised: $1,625.22

Not Fast, Just Fabulous

Raised: $1,621.72


Raised: $1,602.79


Raised: $1,307.77

Piggy & Z-man

Raised: $1,068.94

Grigio Girls

Raised: $1,017.94

Elements Casino Victoria

Raised: $1,000.00

Elevate 1

Raised: $1,000.00

Cirque de Sore Legs

Raised: $946.36

Caffeine Junkies

Raised: $755.76

IBM Guaranteed to Succeed

Raised: $736.09

Holy Fit

Raised: $729.30

Team MB

Raised: $724.02

Gym Class Heroes

Raised: $651.60

Runs In The Family

Raised: $631.00

One Fast, One Furious

Raised: $592.91


Raised: $410.43

Golden Stampies

Raised: $407.76

Chocoholics Anonymous

Raised: $377.50

Unfortunately peanut butter

Raised: $347.27


Raised: $287.60

Community Entrepreneurs

Raised: $268.85

Think's in it to win it

Raised: $267.96

Two "P's" in a Pod

Raised: $243.94


Raised: $237.92

The Fab Frechettes

Raised: $219.10

The Bee Team

Raised: $219.02

The Crushers!

Raised: $214.54

BCAA Beauties

Raised: $209.23

Bollywood India

Raised: $207.72

Brentwood 2

Raised: $207.44

Shawnigan Shawnanigators

Raised: $206.28

Mother and child renunion

Raised: $204.29


Raised: $204.16

Give it, I got it...

Raised: $188.86

Brentwood Eagles 1

Raised: $177.60

Not Last Place

Raised: $174.98

TNT Yagers

Raised: $170.95


Raised: $164.71

Loco Loukko Ladies

Raised: $162.93


Raised: $158.62

Clan Costas

Raised: $153.06

Livin Life

Raised: $142.72

Pump up the J-AM

Raised: $137.11

Brentwood Eagles 4

Raised: $137.11


Raised: $135.32

Walnut Warriors

Raised: $129.31

Brentwood Eagles 6

Raised: $110.40

Brentwood Eagles 3

Raised: $109.51


Raised: $108.62

Real House Wives of Oak Bay

Raised: $108.62

Not dead yet!

Raised: $108.62


Raised: $108.28

Moms on the Run

Raised: $107.72

Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Two People

Raised: $107.72


Raised: $107.72

Here For A Good Time Not A Fast Time

Raised: $107.72


Raised: $104.31

Chief & Cougar's Angels

Raised: $102.21

Schrute Farms

Raised: $100.00


Raised: $100.00


Raised: $89.18

Brentwood Eagles 7

Raised: $54.31


Raised: $36.58

The Tribe

Raised: $27.60


Raised: $27.60

Dis Functional Duo

Raised: $27.60

Coastal chaos

Raised: $27.60

Jazz hands

Raised: $27.60


Raised: $27.60

Braefoot 2.0

Raised: $5.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Sep 22 Lara Burton $107.72
Sep 22 Rob Leeming $48.97
Sep 22 Philip Bisset-Covaneiro $161.13
Sep 22 Kristen Littler $41.12
Sep 22 darlene ross $27.60
Sep 22 Sean Thomas $107.72
Sep 21 Katherine Norman $54.31
Sep 21 Anonymous $54.31
Sep 21 Joanne Bickford $50.00
Sep 21 Anonymous $54.31