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My Story…

Part of a rag tag last minute team who just loves to race.

Donate to help Scott raise money for Power To Play Vancouver 2019’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Sep 19 Julie Lee $26.29
Sep 16 Stephen Stow $210.29
Sep 11 Margaret Brodie Scott - this is your year. #dreamteam $105.15
Sep 05 Martin Rip $200.00
Sep 03 Donald Shumka $525.73
Aug 30 Dennis McCrary From your friends David Mandy, President and Campbell McCrary, Vice President at O&M Partners, LLC New York City, USA. $139.85
Aug 29 David Farrell $157.72
Aug 28 Nashir Jiwa $200.00
Aug 28 Leo Hathaway $1,577.18
Aug 28 Ross Beaty $5,257.25