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Help me raise funds for Second Wind Fund! Suicide is currently the leading cause of death for youth  in Colorado. The Second Wind Fund aims to decrease the incidence of suicide in children and youth by removing the financial and social barriers to treatment. SWF’s program is delivered in 30 counties across Colorado, including: Denver, Jefferson, Mesa, Arapahoe and Douglas. To date, their program has served over 5,600 youth since 2002. Your support will help save young lives from suicide! 

Second Wind Fund has a simple formula for levels of financial support. They are capable of saving a young life for every $1,000 received: 

12 therapy sessions x $70 a session = $840 

3 Suicide Ideation Questionnaires = $30

Therapist Travel Reimbursement = $120 

Minimal Administrative Costs = $10

Total = $1,000

Thank you so much for supporting me and Second Wind Fund! No donation is too small. If you need any additional information on Second Wind Fund, please visit their website:

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Mary Wylie

Raised: $883.75

Team captain

Doug Wylie

Raised: $315.00

Carrie Kelly

Raised: $105.00

Alicia Hutchens

Raised: $0.00

Bob Kelly

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Charles Dwyer

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Charlotte Long

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Jeremy Hutchens

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Jesse Hutchens

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JoAnn Furay

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Kaeley Maffatt

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Lynn Swanson

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Martha Dwyer

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Sara Gagliardi

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Sarah Long

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Stephen Greivel

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Sydney Long

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William Long

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Recent donors

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Oct 21 Anonymous $51.02
Oct 17 Lucinda Schneller $105.00
Oct 05 Sara Gagliardi $100.00
Oct 03 John and Margaret Ann Morrison $100.00
Oct 02 Katherine Martinez $105.00
Oct 02 Stephen Saul $500.00
Sep 29 Carrie Kelly $105.00
Sep 24 Lynda L Borel $105.00
Sep 23 Lynn Swanson I am glad so many students have received counseling over the years. We miss David Wylie and remember how he loved working with kids. $52.50
Sep 22 Harry and Robin Durgin $100.00