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Hot On Your Heels
Hot On Your Heels Volunteers

So you want to be a gigolo

So you think you've got what it takes to make the women swoon? A chiseled physique, strength of an ox, buns of steel, or at least a sense of humour that will surely win over the hearts of 400 women. Well then this job's for you. But don't let the fun of the day fool you, this truly is a job. It's an all day affair of going above and beyond and working hard to make this the best day of the summer! This means we've got RULES! 

Rule #1 - No alcohol. The women are riding their bikes, as fast as they possibly can, over 20 kms and 1000m of climbing. It's a gruelling day and the ladies need to stay on top of their game. It is against our insurance for you to serve alcohol to the ladies during the race. Please respect this rule

Rule #2 - You will be assigned a job and you must make this as a first priority. Shaking your money maker will be second priority but remember, you have signed up to help us run this race.

Rule #3 - No nudity. There will be minors on course and women that really don't want to see your junk. Keep the twig and berries under cover.

Rule #4 - Have fun. Volunteering for Hot On Your Heels is a coveted position and you will be one of the lucky few that get to partake. 

Event Location

Squamish, BC, Canada

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