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Run With Team MR8 in the Second Annual MR8K!

Fundraise With Team MR8 for the 2019 MR8K! When you agree to raise a minimum of $300, you will receive FREE entry into this year's race as well as a limited edition 2019 MR8K Team MR8 race shirt! Not only that, you will also join a team of hundreds of runners who have #RunWithUs across the country and around the world. As a member of Team MR8 you #RunForMore as you dedicate your miles run to advancing sportsmanship, inclusion, kindness, and peace. Plus, there are event more perks along the way! - For every $8 raised, be entered to win Team MR8 gear! - For every $80 raised, be entered to win Boston Bruins signed memorabilia! - Raise $800 and be entered to win two (2) Boston Bruins tickets for the 2020 season. - Raise $1000 and receive the coveted yellow Team MR8 race singlet. - Be the top team fundraiser and receive special recognition on the day of the race as well as an exclusive Boston Bruins Experience! #ChooseKindness #BuildBridges #RunForMore


Team members

Click on one of our team members below to make a donation.

e.g., John, Smith, or

Evan Schneider

Raised: $3,752.59

Courtney Tormey

Raised: $3,423.87

James Janulewicz

Raised: $3,079.32

John Marsinelli

Raised: $1,649.91

Courtney O'Connor

Raised: $1,453.13

Kirsten Holmes

Raised: $1,215.92

Jessica Cabral

Raised: $1,079.46

Janet Azulay

Raised: $1,054.43

Lauren Carter

Raised: $1,032.07

Tony Michaud

Raised: $1,021.52

Timothy Carter

Raised: $1,015.94

Janelle Labbe

Raised: $1,006.76

Casey Tocchio

Raised: $932.73

Susan Weisman

Raised: $907.25

Henry Roe

Raised: $704.27

Emily Tyler

Raised: $653.73

Annemarie Kennedy

Raised: $651.65

Casey Finch

Raised: $612.27

Julie Capello

Raised: $599.24

Charlene Howland

Raised: $579.26

Christine Rosado

Raised: $565.99

Sheree Richards

Raised: $560.79

Heather Bliss

Raised: $529.19

Amy Sullivan

Raised: $529.04


Raised: $501.80

Shawn Whitlock

Raised: $494.98

Paolo Corso

Raised: $484.46

Tricia Shen

Raised: $484.32

Jill McGinn

Raised: $473.91

Sheila Magnan

Raised: $459.92

Judson Pierce

Raised: $447.59

Whitney Dosik

Raised: $442.31

Ryan Doliner

Raised: $435.71

Patty McDonald

Raised: $421.24

Maggie Saur

Raised: $420.96

Joshua Briand

Raised: $413.30

Mary Chalifour

Raised: $400.00

Emily Burke

Raised: $394.66

Brandon Barnaby

Raised: $384.41

Brian Kenny

Raised: $384.40

Amy Fitzgibbon

Raised: $378.08

Andrew Dupee

Raised: $368.59

Timothy Fitzgibbon

Raised: $367.96

Brendan Hobbs

Raised: $363.33

Ryan Hobbs

Raised: $358.06

Sarah Kennedy

Raised: $355.95

Melanie Mikkelsen

Raised: $350.00

Leann Cavicchi

Raised: $347.53

Michelle Hynes

Raised: $347.53

Ruben Medeiros

Raised: $343.56

Lynn Cadigan

Raised: $342.29

Bobby McDonough

Raised: $342.27

Stephen Scanlon

Raised: $336.97

John Tyler

Raised: $327.53

Sally Mcgowan

Raised: $326.48

Jamie Salemi

Raised: $319.89

Marty Doherty

Raised: $315.95

Brendan Gahagan

Raised: $315.94

Carol Rando

Raised: $315.94

Jenny Barron

Raised: $315.94

John Balboni

Raised: $315.94

John McTague

Raised: $315.94

Marley Brumme

Raised: $315.94

Michael Mahoney

Raised: $315.94

Russell Briggs

Raised: $315.94

John Katsarikas

Raised: $310.63

Sarah LaPan

Raised: $307.68

Rebecca Tolkoff

Raised: $305.42

Terry Kiernan

Raised: $305.42

Rebecca Deaton

Raised: $305.37

Zelia Magliozzi

Raised: $304.89

Kathy Kelley

Raised: $302.97

Enrique Arevalo

Raised: $302.76

Molly DuBuc

Raised: $301.70

Tiffany Sullivan

Raised: $301.67

Lisa Simmons

Raised: $301.06

Lella Baker

Raised: $300.00

Michael Kineavy

Raised: $263.28

Lindsay Moynihan

Raised: $215.90

Michael Cramer

Raised: $210.63

Anne Tallon

Raised: $131.65

Paul Hendessi

Raised: $131.65

Joseph Shairs

Raised: $131.64

Kara Mannion

Raised: $105.31

Nolan Cleary

Raised: $105.31

Theresa Skinner

Raised: $105.31

Jessica Tripp

Raised: $78.99

Christina Markrush

Raised: $77.66

Susan Collins

Raised: $77.66

Joshua Clark

Raised: $73.72

Alicia Carlson

Raised: $52.66

Diane Gora

Raised: $52.66

Gerard Lydon

Raised: $52.66

John Dunn

Raised: $52.66

Nikayla Abruzzese

Raised: $52.66

Elise Austin-Washburn

Raised: $26.33

Judy Pitasi

Raised: $26.33

Rachel Davis

Raised: $26.33

Rory Turner

Raised: $26.33

Annamarie Mcdonough

Raised: $0.00

Bob Cleary

Raised: $0.00

Devon Moran

Raised: $0.00

Ethan Michaud

Raised: $0.00

Team captain

Kathy Kelley

Raised: $0.00

Nathan Morgan

Raised: $0.00

Nichole Eustis

Raised: $0.00

Paul Hendessi

Raised: $0.00

Rachel Starr

Raised: $0.00

Stephen Fredericks

Raised: $0.00

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Sep 23 Sharon Mantel Mazel Tov on your bar mitzvah and bravo on your commitment to the Martin Richard Foundation! Undisclosed amount
Sep 21 William Gay Awesome job Evan! $52.66
Sep 21 Caroline Reid Congratulations Evan! $55.45
Sep 20 Ryan Ward Great work Evan! $55.45
Sep 12 The Kauff Family Great job Evan! $52.66
Sep 12 owen mcgowan Great job Sally!! $105.31
Sep 12 Brian Clyne Thank you Evan! $52.66