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Epilepsy Support Centre

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Epilepsy Support Centre enhances the lives of people who are affected by epilepsy and seizure disorders by providing a network of services that educate, support, and build community awareness.

Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Sep 18 Anonymous $11.70
Sep 17 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Sep 15 Robert Chiaccio $27.80
Sep 15 Brett Lumley $6.33
Sep 13 FORTIKA Inc. I had epilepsy as a child but was fortunate enough to not have any episodes from the age of about 12. I know what you go through. $27.80
Sep 11 Emily Bondy $6.33
Sep 07 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Aug 31 Ken Drouillad $6.33
Aug 29 Valerie Pattison $27.80
Aug 17 Aurelio Roncone $27.80