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Raise money for Action169

Action169 is built on a foundation of prayer and is committed to addressing commercial sexual exploitation and problematic substance use through Christ-centered prevention, intervention and holistic restoration care services.  

Action169 is dedicated to ending sexual exploitation through various preventative measures, raising awareness, engaging in social action, providing a safe place and restoration services, as well as consistent, survivor-led strip club outreach. To better understand how your pledge and/or race registration fee is being utilized in the fight to abolish this injustice, please visit Action169.

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Sep 09 Josiah Center $750.00
Sep 09 Freedom Race Donation $5.00
Sep 09 Ruth Schueler $10.00
Sep 08 Beth Lawler $22.15
Sep 08 Anonymous $50.00
Sep 08 Anonymous $100.00
Sep 08 Marvel Hiniker $25.00
Sep 08 Zachariah Grein $50.00
Sep 08 Anonymous $1,000.00
Sep 06 James Sawatzky Hi 😛 $54.10