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My Story…

One day I realized that I was hungry every 4 or 5 hours. It dawned on me that so many people that are poor, or on the streets eat only ONCE a day, if even that. When I have not had food for awhile my stomach aches...I cannot imagine it for others that have been without food for a long period of time. I read that 37 million Americans struggle with hunger, this makes me sad to my core. I want to do anything I can to help change this. If you are not familiar with Hemp seed and grain, please research this. Hemp grain is the most nutritionally complete seed on the planet. However, for now, please donate to this cause and we can work on Hemp saving the planet next!

Donate to help Kathi raise money for Run to Feed the Hungry 10K/5K’s fundraising campaign.


Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Nov 28 Alina Bolohan You are wonderful my dear! Happy birthday and Happy Thanksgiving! $26.25
Nov 25 Matteo Genna $52.50
Nov 25 Steve Wright $26.25
Nov 23 Leon Loya $52.50
Nov 17 Stephanie Hibbert Go girl! $26.25
Nov 16 Kirk Bartlett You are always thinking of someone else Kathi! Good luck with your run! $50.00
Nov 11 Anonymous $105.00
Nov 11 Angela Messina You can do it Kathi! Thank you for the training, dedication and time you are investing for this great event! $26.25
Nov 11 Maria Hendrickson Undisclosed amount