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Raise money for Make-A-Wish Hawaii

Make-A-Wish® Hawaii creates life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. We seek to bring every eligible child’s wish to life, because a wish is an integral part of a child’s treatment journey. Research shows children who have wishes granted can build the physical and emotional strength they need to fight their illness. 

Headquartered in Honolulu, Make-A-Wish Hawaii is considered one of the top charities in the state, with 78 cents of every dollar raised going directly toward granting wishes in Hawaii. One of the first local Make-A-Wish chapters established, Make-A-Wish Hawaii continues to be among the busiest in the nation. 

Together, generous donors, supporters, staff and more than 700 volunteers have granted over 1,400 wishes for children across the state of Hawaii since 1982 and have hosted more than 15,000 others for children around the world; the chapter granted 91 local wishes in 2018 alone. For more information about Make-A-Wish Hawaii, visit


Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information

Team Aidan

Raised: $5,662.80

Jingle Joggers

Raised: $3,141.49

Team Turbo Train

Raised: $2,829.79

The Studio Macs

Raised: $2,748.79

Hawaii Kai Pack 101 Cub Scouts

Raised: $2,031.12

Sleigh My Name

Raised: $1,812.38

Homebridge Hawaii

Raised: $1,740.52

Domino's Team Hawaii

Raised: $1,510.32

Team Ryan

Raised: $1,508.24

Team Tia

Raised: $1,264.61

Team Cleft

Raised: $1,141.60

Team Cassidy

Raised: $1,050.98


Raised: $907.24

Cancer Crushers

Raised: $821.82

Crow Tribe

Raised: $807.24

ORT Elves

Raised: $792.66

Team Mele! (Kalikimaka)

Raised: $739.54


Raised: $719.76

Leadership Works

Raised: $706.22

FC Hawaii

Raised: $665.60

Team Kupono

Raised: $630.17

Holy Nativity School Hawks

Raised: $572.88

BPES Jets!

Raised: $567.67

Team Ukulele Hale

Raised: $551.00

Hawaii News Now

Raised: $530.80

Kanilea Reindeercorns

Raised: $520.80

Team Max

Raised: $520.80

Emilia Rei and FAMILY

Raised: $510.38

Team Sevastyan

Raised: $494.76


Raised: $436.44

Qbots Run

Raised: $432.27

Mateo Ohana

Raised: $401.03

Light It Up For Ian

Raised: $390.60

Hugs For Lij

Raised: $364.56

Team Mouseketeers

Raised: $364.56

Team Kanoa

Raised: $348.94

Team Leeward

Raised: $328.16

Team Risati

Raised: $304.16


Raised: $291.64

Northwestern Mutual Hawaii

Raised: $288.12


Raised: $286.44

Team Wylan

Raised: $260.40

Braxton's Angels

Raised: $260.40


Raised: $255.20

Team First Responders

Raised: $239.57

Girls Night Out

Raised: $234.36

Cirque du Sore Legs

Raised: $234.36

The Roque Family

Raised: $234.36

FM Tripler

Raised: $229.16

Holiday Harriers

Raised: $208.32

Team Makai

Raised: $208.32

The Walking Bears

Raised: $208.32

Zierra and Ohana

Raised: $182.28

Par Hawaii Elves

Raised: $180.20

Team OSHI/Team Tweedles

Raised: $162.50

The Replacement Elves

Raised: $156.24

Team Pacific Transfer

Raised: $156.24

Jenn’s team

Raised: $156.24

Accuity Elves

Raised: $155.20


Raised: $140.62

Ewa Pu'uloa

Raised: $140.62

Movie Buffs

Raised: $130.20

NAPA Hawaii

Raised: $130.20

Hark! The Herald Angels, Run!

Raised: $130.20

Jingle j-OG-ers

Raised: $130.20

Team Raymie

Raised: $130.20

BOH PPE 'Ohana and Friends

Raised: $119.78

Team JP

Raised: $114.16

Team Leilani

Raised: $104.16

Team Hala'i

Raised: $104.16

Team Skye

Raised: $104.16

Team Disney

Raised: $104.16

Team Chase

Raised: $104.16

The Nutty Family

Raised: $104.16

Tower 10 SleighBells

Raised: $104.16

Team Island Energy

Raised: $104.16


Raised: $83.33

Team Bob

Raised: $78.12

Team Khailer

Raised: $78.12


Raised: $72.91

Cinnamon Bells

Raised: $72.91


Raised: $67.70


Raised: $62.08

Team Lisanne

Raised: $57.29


Raised: $52.08

Dynamix Health and Fitness

Raised: $52.08

'Ekahi Health

Raised: $52.08

Special K

Raised: $52.08

The Awesome Foundation

Raised: $52.08

Team Jaevhyn

Raised: $52.08


Raised: $52.08

Title Guaranty

Raised: $31.26


Raised: $31.25

Fight Like A Warrior-DIPG Hawaii

Raised: $31.25

Punahou Soccer Team

Raised: $30.84


Raised: $26.04

Holly Jolly Jinglers

Raised: $26.04

Pacific Media Group

Raised: $26.04


Raised: $26.04

Crossfit Hawaii

Raised: $26.04

Making an Impact

Raised: $26.04

OluKai HHV

Raised: $26.04

Team Linc

Raised: $26.04

The Robison's

Raised: $26.04

Team RWB Honolulu

Raised: $26.04


Raised: $26.04

Team Iverson

Raised: $26.04

OTF Hawaii

Raised: $26.04

Jesus Love

Raised: $26.04

Wish Elves!

Raised: $20.83


Raised: $7.17

Enterprise Rent-A-Car & Commute with Enterprise

Raised: $5.21

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Dec 28 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Dec 22 Lucille Way to go Elia! Undisclosed amount
Dec 21 Rosie & Kaili We love you, Team Aidan. Stay strong!! Undisclosed amount
Dec 20 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Dec 19 David Squeri $208.32
Dec 19 Edward Haik Better later than)... $104.16
Dec 18 Suzanne Bernstein You both did a great job, Liam and Elia!!!!! So proud of you. $104.16
Dec 18 Stephen Rappenecker $78.12
Dec 18 Heatherlynn Cutter Happy to support Make a Wish & the Pickmans. Undisclosed amount
Dec 18 Tanya Markwith We love you. Stay tough! $164.35