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My Story…

Watching your little sister go through the shots, the medicine, and the long stay in the hospital is really sad. Zeila has such a sunny spirit that it didn’t affect her so much, but there were times where you could see she would almost give up. I understand that because she was just 10. Once she was recommended to Make A Wish she was really happy, and when she did all the activities to figure out her Wish she was extra happy for she had something big to look forward to. When we she got her wish granted it was the was the happiest day of our lives, especially for her. On the actual trip, watching her having her wish granted brought me so many emotions. I was so thankful to Make A Wish for doing this for us and I want to help other kids like Zeila get their wish granted.

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Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Dec 12 Jenelle Tanaka You’re the BEST big sister ever Ava! $52.08
Sep 08 Raina Melket Av - There’s an unspoken responsibility and unique love that you feel for your younger sibling. Zeila’s lucky to have you. $52.08
Sep 08 Jaymie Melket You’re the best big sister ever. Zeila is lucky to have you. 😘 $52.08