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For participating in Fight To End Homelessness

My Story…

YOUTH DON'T CHOOSE TO BE HOMELESS - Age of youth accessing shelters in London is getting younger, with youth as young as 16 accessing shelter space - 26% of people accessing shelters are 24 years and younger - 68% of homeless youth come from group care - 79% of homeless youth have experienced two or more types of child abuse The YOU Housing First Youth Shelter will ensure that all youth get what they need urgently – a safe place to sleep, eat and shower. - 30 Individual rooms. Safety for youth, peace of mind. - Pet friendly. Youth do not have to choose between a roof over their heads and their most loyal companions - No time limit. Youth will not be asked to leave after a month. - Housing First: Get a roof over their heads, then focus on supports - Diversion: Can we divert the youth away from the Shelter system entirely by connecting them with family or friends? - Rapid re-housing: Focus on finding affordable housing for long-term results

Donate to help Stephanie raise money for Fight To End Homelessness’s fundraising campaign.

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Nov 20 Christina Panek CA$31.70
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