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Kaien Island Trail Enhancement and Recreation Society

Raise money for Kaien Island Trail Enhancement and Recreation Society

The purpose of the Kaien Island Trail Enhancement And Recreation Society ("KITEARS") is to develop, manage, operate, and promote trails in and around Prince Rupert. 

The values of the society are: 

  1. Leaving a legacy for the citizens of the North Coast. 
  2. Connecting people to places in and around Prince Rupert with front-country and back-country trails. 
  3. Partnering with community groups to build success and promote volunteerism. 
  4. Respecting our surroundings and the people enjoying it. 
  5. Modelling community-based, corporate citizenship. 
  6. Enabling others to succeed where we leave off. 
  7. Working with others toward mutually beneficial outcomes. 

KITEARS was formed to provide a single voice for trail development. It serves as the main organization responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of trails, and for coordinating fundraising efforts regarding maintenance and development of new trails. With that in mind, the Society will continue to use the Mt. Hays Quick Climb (now the Kaien Trails TrailBlazer) as its primary promotional event to raise awareness and funds, but will supplement other activities and fundraisers to build community awareness and promote volunteerism. 

Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Aug 24 Anonymous CA$25.00
Aug 23 Great Bear Natural Medicine Clinic Undisclosed amount
Aug 23 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Aug 23 Anonymous CA$27.60
Aug 22 Anonymous CA$6.24
Aug 22 Sarah Jordan CA$54.31
Aug 21 Shelley Sims CA$27.60
Aug 21 Doreen Mckay CA$27.60
Aug 21 Anonymous CA$27.60
Aug 20 Shelley Sims CA$27.60