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Starboard Charitable Inc.

Raise money for Starboard Charitable Inc.

Funds donated to The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition, Inc. (DBCC) began in 1991 as a small group of community volunteers, led by Maureen Lauterbach, who were committed to decreasing the mortality rate of breast cancer in Delaware. In 1997, DBCC became a 501c(3) non-profit organization serving to raise awareness of breast health issues in Delaware through outreach, education and support to help facilitate early detection and treatment of breast cancer.


Click on a team below to make a donation.

Team information

Wise Will Rise

Raised: $21,518.01

Fenwick Fighters

Raised: $16,488.26

Bosom Buddies

Raised: $8,426.25

Team C

Raised: $4,366.00

The Original HaKuna Ma TaTas

Raised: $4,092.45

Team Gugie

Raised: $3,672.50

the WARrington Against Cancer

Raised: $3,553.48

Prime Titness

Raised: $3,179.86

Dawn’s Rack Pack

Raised: $2,203.75

Katie Kat's Kitties

Raised: $1,866.50

Mont'ster Boobs 4 Dewey

Raised: $1,338.75

Stephens' Stampede

Raised: $1,163.00

Straight Outta Chemo

Raised: $1,101.25

Harrington Raceway & Casino

Raised: $1,045.00

Team Barber

Raised: $1,042.50

Dossy “Go Coastal” Crew

Raised: $960.75

Diana Jane

Raised: $876.25

Crushin' It

Raised: $677.75

Team Sally "our" Star

Raised: $656.25

Team Cindy

Raised: $609.00

The Wolfpack

Raised: $551.25

Gollnick’s Girrrrllls

Raised: $518.75

Team Joell

Raised: $498.75

Sue’s Tribe

Raised: $491.66

Freshly Squeezed

Raised: $488.50

Patti’s Puppies

Raised: $471.25

Gladys' Gladiators

Raised: $388.50

Tricia's Rack Pack

Raised: $367.50

Bunco Babes

Raised: $365.00

Chrissy’s Crew

Raised: $315.00

Karen Stomps the Big C

Raised: $288.75

Team Mo

Raised: $210.00

Good Vibes

Raised: $210.00


Raised: $210.00


Raised: $204.75

MBTS Beach Bums

Raised: $194.25

Jani's Girls

Raised: $157.50

Maines Ladies

Raised: $157.50

Team Trevino

Raised: $157.50

Peppers Creek

Raised: $152.25

Who the bleep is Alice?

Raised: $131.25

Chat with Nat

Raised: $131.25


Raised: $120.75

Team Mags

Raised: $105.00

Tricky Trailer

Raised: $105.00

We R Gettin There

Raised: $105.00

C MY 3D Knockers

Raised: $105.00

Triple D's - Dewey Day Drinkers

Raised: $89.25

Saving Tiets Tits

Raised: $84.00

Running for Barb's Boobs

Raised: $78.75

Tara Wagner

Raised: $78.75

Solitude Goes Pink

Raised: $78.75

JoJo’s Juggernauts

Raised: $63.00

Beach Umbrellas

Raised: $63.00

Glimmer Twins

Raised: $52.50

Netty's Nips

Raised: $52.50

Captain Dave's sweater puppets

Raised: $52.50

Preserve the Ta Ta's

Raised: $52.50

Team Mojo

Raised: $52.50

Team Hakuna maTATA

Raised: $52.50

Saving Second Base

Raised: $52.50

Beebe's Breast Buds

Raised: $42.00

Swedes Sweeties

Raised: $42.00

Kelly Kicked IT

Raised: $31.50

SP Wolf Pack

Raised: $26.25

Making Waves Against Breast Cancer

Raised: $26.25

Williams Family

Raised: $25.00

Certified Running Nuts

Raised: $10.50

Sandy's Sidekicks

Raised: $10.50

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Oct 05 Taylor Keen $510.00
Oct 05 Robin Coyle Read $500.00
Oct 05 Cathy Kengor $26.25
Oct 05 Nevin Horne $52.50
Oct 05 Bonnie Boyle $52.50
Oct 05 Danette Small-Shultz Great job Captain Mo! $105.00
Oct 05 Krissy Wood I love you to the moon and back Dawnie! 💜 $26.25
Oct 05 Melissa Kraus $52.50
Oct 05 Spence Family $52.50
Oct 05 Kevin & Teri Dear4147097556727305 Undisclosed amount