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Starboard Charitable Inc.

Raise money for Starboard Charitable Inc.

Funds donated to The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition, Inc. (DBCC) began in 1991 as a small group of community volunteers, led by Maureen Lauterbach, who were committed to decreasing the mortality rate of breast cancer in Delaware. In 1997, DBCC became a 501c(3) non-profit organization serving to raise awareness of breast health issues in Delaware through outreach, education and support to help facilitate early detection and treatment of breast cancer.


Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information

Wise Will Rise

Raised: $21,518.01

Fenwick Fighters

Raised: $16,488.26

Bosom Buddies

Raised: $8,426.25

Team C

Raised: $4,366.00

The Original HaKuna Ma TaTas

Raised: $4,092.45

Team Gugie

Raised: $3,672.50

the WARrington Against Cancer

Raised: $3,553.48

Prime Titness

Raised: $3,179.86

Dawn’s Rack Pack

Raised: $2,203.75

Katie Kat's Kitties

Raised: $1,866.50

Mont'ster Boobs 4 Dewey

Raised: $1,338.75

Stephens' Stampede

Raised: $1,163.00

Straight Outta Chemo

Raised: $1,101.25

Harrington Raceway & Casino

Raised: $1,045.00

Team Barber

Raised: $1,042.50

Dossy “Go Coastal” Crew

Raised: $960.75

Diana Jane

Raised: $876.25

Crushin' It

Raised: $677.75

Team Sally "our" Star

Raised: $656.25

Team Cindy

Raised: $609.00

The Wolfpack

Raised: $551.25

Gollnick’s Girrrrllls

Raised: $518.75

Team Joell

Raised: $498.75

Sue’s Tribe

Raised: $491.66

Freshly Squeezed

Raised: $488.50

Patti’s Puppies

Raised: $471.25

Gladys' Gladiators

Raised: $388.50

Tricia's Rack Pack

Raised: $367.50

Bunco Babes

Raised: $365.00

Chrissy’s Crew

Raised: $315.00

Karen Stomps the Big C

Raised: $288.75

Good Vibes

Raised: $210.00


Raised: $210.00

Team Mo

Raised: $210.00


Raised: $204.75

MBTS Beach Bums

Raised: $194.25

Team Trevino

Raised: $157.50

Jani's Girls

Raised: $157.50

Maines Ladies

Raised: $157.50

Peppers Creek

Raised: $152.25

Chat with Nat

Raised: $131.25

Who the bleep is Alice?

Raised: $131.25


Raised: $120.75

C MY 3D Knockers

Raised: $105.00

We R Gettin There

Raised: $105.00

Tricky Trailer

Raised: $105.00

Team Mags

Raised: $105.00

Triple D's - Dewey Day Drinkers

Raised: $89.25

Saving Tiets Tits

Raised: $84.00

Solitude Goes Pink

Raised: $78.75

Tara Wagner

Raised: $78.75

Running for Barb's Boobs

Raised: $78.75

Beach Umbrellas

Raised: $63.00

JoJo’s Juggernauts

Raised: $63.00

Glimmer Twins

Raised: $52.50

Team Hakuna maTATA

Raised: $52.50

Preserve the Ta Ta's

Raised: $52.50

Captain Dave's sweater puppets

Raised: $52.50

Team Mojo

Raised: $52.50

Netty's Nips

Raised: $52.50

Saving Second Base

Raised: $52.50

Beebe's Breast Buds

Raised: $42.00

Swedes Sweeties

Raised: $42.00

Kelly Kicked IT

Raised: $31.50

Making Waves Against Breast Cancer

Raised: $26.25

SP Wolf Pack

Raised: $26.25

Williams Family

Raised: $25.00

Certified Running Nuts

Raised: $10.50

Sandy's Sidekicks

Raised: $10.50

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Oct 05 Taylor Keen $510.00
Oct 05 Robin Coyle Read $500.00
Oct 05 Cathy Kengor $26.25
Oct 05 Nevin Horne $52.50
Oct 05 Bonnie Boyle $52.50
Oct 05 Danette Small-Shultz Great job Captain Mo! $105.00
Oct 05 Krissy Wood I love you to the moon and back Dawnie! 💜 $26.25
Oct 05 Melissa Kraus $52.50
Oct 05 Spence Family $52.50
Oct 05 Kevin & Teri Dear4147097556727305 Undisclosed amount