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Help Traci raise money

For participating in Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon Race Weekend 2020

My Story…

I love wildlife! Fluttering monarch butterflies pollinating the flowers, graceful eagles soaring over our rivers…wildlife inspires and excites us whenever we see it in nature. Sadly, much of their habitat has been destroyed. 90% of Illinois’ original wetlands have been drained. Deforestation threatens the 75% of Illinois’ wildlife that require forest habitat. And our once beautiful rolling prairies have been replaced by farmland and industry. Your donations will help restore wetlands and reconnect rivers to their natural floodplains. These river corridors will be critical for wildlife to survive a changing climate. Together, we can protect wildlife habitat.


Thank you for helping me protect the wildlife of Illinois. I am running for wildlife with Prairie Rivers Network. The money I raise during this campaign will help restore wetlands, reconnect rivers to their floodplains, and protect wildlife. Thank you for helping me on my run!

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Feb 27 Mike & Rachel Ingram $47.50
Feb 26 Debbie Broadrick $27.48
Feb 26 Heather Schultz $27.48
Feb 25 Patti Quigg $27.48
Feb 25 Hannah Christensen Undisclosed amount
Feb 25 Susan Faivre $25.00
Feb 25 Grant Thomas $27.48