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Team information

Rock Steady Boxing Downtown

Raised: $11,461.27


Raised: $9,637.14

Rock Steady Boxing San Diego

Raised: $3,680.13

The Mossketers

Raised: $2,603.55

Live Your Best Life!!

Raised: $2,330.63

Hund's Trupp

Raised: $1,500.40

Phil B Good

Raised: $1,441.56

Blostin Giants

Raised: $1,257.70


Raised: $1,053.99

Candy's Camp

Raised: $918.70

Ba's Blissful Bunch

Raised: $908.20


Raised: $851.50

Global PD Trailblazers

Raised: $835.30

Dopamine & Caffeine

Raised: $790.80

Shillelagh Shuffle

Raised: $741.65

Fallbrook Friendly Folks

Raised: $659.31

Ocean Hills country club

Raised: $622.58

Team J.B.

Raised: $618.10

Martin's Angels

Raised: $614.95

Patty Perseveres

Raised: $559.43

Senior Helpers of San Diego County

Raised: $534.20


Raised: $476.90

Fighting Parkinson's Together (Murrieta/Temecula)

Raised: $430.25

Gutierrez Family

Raised: $424.23

Rock Steady Boxing Carlsbad

Raised: $408.35

Moon's shadows

Raised: $394.80

Blow by Blow

Raised: $368.05

Shake It To The Left

Raised: $357.25


Raised: $333.80

North County Parkinson's Tacos, Donuts and Coffee Hiking Group

Raised: $329.15

Zorica Ristic

Raised: $325.30

Sons of Anparchy

Raised: $324.60

Cota Olvera

Raised: $322.00

Wheeler Family

Raised: $307.90

Gila's Groupies

Raised: $221.00

Rosas Team

Raised: $217.25

RB Walkin' Proud

Raised: $217.25

Papa Mike Forever

Raised: $217.25

For Ifti & Ozzy

Raised: $215.55

John 14:27

Raised: $200.00

Oceanside Presbyterian

Raised: $184.45

UCSD Parkinson & Other Movement Disorders Center

Raised: $180.35

Team Westwood

Raised: $162.30

Just BEAT It

Raised: $161.46

Popo’s Posse

Raised: $130.35

Team EPIC (Empowering People In Crisis)

Raised: $108.20

Barty's Babes and Bros

Raised: $108.20

Larry's Friends

Raised: $107.35

Krazy for kwakin’ Karen

Raised: $100.00

RB Walkin'Proud

Raised: $86.90

Team Daddy MAC

Raised: $83.45

Team Neurocrine

Raised: $54.10

Team Reventia

Raised: $54.10


Raised: $54.10

Team Hope Lundbeck

Raised: $54.10

Wilga Walkers

Raised: $43.45

Good Shepherd Shufflers

Raised: $43.45

Team Montera

Raised: $0.00

Radcad Strong

Raised: $0.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Aug 12 Stacey and Ben Tsutaoka Such a great cause! $80.73
Aug 12 Bruce Lowe $107.35
Aug 12 Sherri Muchnick We are always rooting for you Candy Fagan!!!! Undisclosed amount
Aug 12 Neil and Pamela Nevills Congratulations Ron for your dedication and support for the organization. You GO our friend. Neil and Pamela $80.73
Aug 12 Debra Lobatz Undisclosed amount
Aug 12 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Aug 12 The Jaehnes You got this! Dennis & Jill Undisclosed amount
Aug 12 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Aug 11 Robert Fagan $517.10
Aug 11 Candy’s CAMP Undisclosed amount