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Team information

Rock Steady Boxing Downtown

Raised: $8,236.47


Raised: $7,927.77

The Mossketers

Raised: $2,603.55

Rock Steady Boxing San Diego

Raised: $2,528.45

Live Your Best Life!!

Raised: $2,330.63

Hund's Trupp

Raised: $1,500.40

Phil B Good

Raised: $1,441.56


Raised: $1,053.99

Blostin Giants

Raised: $1,049.50

Ba's Blissful Bunch

Raised: $908.20

Global PD Trailblazers

Raised: $835.30

Dopamine & Caffeine

Raised: $790.80

Shillelagh Shuffle

Raised: $741.65

Ocean Hills country club

Raised: $622.58

Team J.B.

Raised: $618.10


Raised: $581.85

Patty Perseveres

Raised: $559.43

Martin's Angels

Raised: $507.60


Raised: $476.90

Fighting Parkinson's Together (Murrieta/Temecula)

Raised: $430.25

Gutierrez Family

Raised: $424.23

Rock Steady Boxing Carlsbad

Raised: $408.35

Fallbrook Friendly Folks

Raised: $404.48

Moon's shadows

Raised: $394.80

Blow by Blow

Raised: $368.05

Shake It To The Left

Raised: $357.25


Raised: $333.80

North County Parkinson's Tacos, Donuts and Coffee Hiking Group

Raised: $329.15

Zorica Ristic

Raised: $325.30

Sons of Anparchy

Raised: $324.60

Cota Olvera

Raised: $322.00

Wheeler Family

Raised: $307.90

Senior Helpers of San Diego County

Raised: $267.10

Gila's Groupies

Raised: $221.00

Rosas Team

Raised: $217.25

RB Walkin' Proud

Raised: $217.25

Papa Mike Forever

Raised: $217.25

For Ifti & Ozzy

Raised: $215.55

John 14:27

Raised: $200.00

Oceanside Presbyterian

Raised: $184.45

UCSD Parkinson & Other Movement Disorders Center

Raised: $180.35

Team Westwood

Raised: $162.30

Just BEAT It

Raised: $161.46

Popo’s Posse

Raised: $130.35

Team EPIC (Empowering People In Crisis)

Raised: $108.20

Barty's Babes and Bros

Raised: $108.20

Larry's Friends

Raised: $107.35

RB Walkin'Proud

Raised: $86.90

Team Daddy MAC

Raised: $83.45

Team Neurocrine

Raised: $54.10

Team Reventia

Raised: $54.10


Raised: $54.10

Team Hope Lundbeck

Raised: $54.10

Wilga Walkers

Raised: $43.45

Good Shepherd Shufflers

Raised: $43.45

Team Montera

Raised: $0.00

Radcad Strong

Raised: $0.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Aug 03 Hasnain Family $1,000.00
Aug 03 Gossamer Bio Continue the fight and your support for PD. $54.10
Aug 03 Bro'n'Slaw Your Bro and Sister-in-Law $100.00
Aug 03 From The Bashor’s We love you Deb! You Go Girl!♥️♥️♥️ $54.10
Aug 02 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Aug 02 Priscilla & Wiley Hi Linda, You are amazing!!!!! $54.10
Aug 02 Dave and Judie Nielsen $107.35
Aug 01 Lisa Evans Joining with you virtually is an honor and a tribute to your courage in fighting PD! $54.10
Aug 01 JLS $107.35
Aug 01 Rolf Yngve and Sharon Shelton Hang in there Lisa. This great what you are doing! $54.10