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Families of Alberta for Conductive Education

Raise money for Families of Alberta for Conductive Education

FACE was founded by parents who realized their children with physical disabilities needed a safe space to work on their therapy to ensure their bodies remained supple to reduce pain, increase independence and strength and most importantly enhance their overall wellbeing. FACE provides a unique therapy called Conductive Education which does not limit children with movement delays to their wheelchairs. Without such a program these children are at risk of contractures which restricts their bodies as they lose the ability to move, or for some children they will lose strength to hold themselves up. Movement is the essence of keeping them mentally engaged and part of their community and FACE ensure they have fun while learning essential skills for life.



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Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Mar 06 Brian Vanzetta $100.00
Mar 06 Teresa Teele $25.00
Mar 06 Taryn Howe $25.00
Mar 06 Taryn Howe $25.00
Feb 29 Rowan’s Family Go FACE Go!! $100.00
Feb 26 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Feb 25 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Feb 24 Kristin Smith $20.00