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For participating in Scotiabank Calgary Marathon 2020

My Story…

It’s been 12 years since Evan suffered his ‘energy blackout crisis’ in 2008 and was diagnosed with a probable mitochondrial disease. After significant invasive (biopsy’s) and NextGen DNA genetic testing, all we know is that Evan’s mitochondria dos not function properly. He has low energy production in several of his ‘Electron Transport Chain (ETC) complexes’ that ultimately produces ATP that powers his cells. We still do not know the genetic mutation causing this. Being a part of MitoCanada from the initial founding days 10 years ago through to today has been motivated by a desire to help find answers for Evan and others like him. Answers to root cause of disease (aka genetic diagnosis), how we can best care for people with Mito, better understanding the disease/biology/genetics, to the big dollars required for research to develop the scientific understanding to solve and unlock the ‘mysterious Mito’ to produce new therapies and a cure.


RUNNING FOR THOSE WHO CAN'T is TEAMmito's mantra.  TEAMmito is the grassroots awareness and fundraising program of MitoCanada.  Our team is comprised of exceptional individuals from across the country who turn their sports passions into special events and athletic feats to benefit those living with mitochondrial disease.  

2020 is MitoCanada's 10 year anniversary and we would LOVE to have you join our team!  Our goal this year is to set TEN Guinness World Records to celebrate the progress we've made in the past 10 years and kick off the next 10 right!  If YOU would like to join the GWR attempts or find out more, please email for details.  

We are also attempting to have the most MITO participants at the Calgary Marathon this year as we ever have.  TEAMmito welcomes all ages, paces and abilities!  Running as part of TEAMmito comes with many perks.  You get to race for a cause bigger than your personal goals, raise funds for an incredible charity and join the after party to re-live the race course events.  Sign up today and remember to stop by our MitoCanada booth at the expo for your tech t-shirt!


Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Jun 02 Lisa Harvey Undisclosed amount
Jun 01 Steve & Debbie Kelly Congrats Blaine & MitoCanada team ... you inspire us to strive for our best! Undisclosed amount
May 31 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
May 31 . $25.00
May 31 Warren Lammert From an Exerkine go! $100.00
May 31 Magnus Hansson $50.00
May 31 Kieran Murphy Keep doing what your doing! Undisclosed amount
May 31 Aunt Msrg Go, Blaine Go.👏👏 Undisclosed amount
May 31 Jaimie firlotte $50.00
May 31 Christina $25.00