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Parkinson Network of Arizona

Raise money for Parkinson Network of Arizona

Over 18,000 people in Maricopa County have Parkinson’s disease (PD) and for every one of them, there are care partners and family members who also need supportive  services. PD impacts every aspect of someone’s life and is about much more than medicine. To achieve the best quality of life people need to be engaged in exercise; be  engaged in meaningful activities; be engaged with each other and their community and be engaged in having fun! 

The Parkinson Network of Arizona and the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center at Barrow Neurological Institute are dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with PD and their families. Your  support enables us  to continue to  strengthen our programs and develop new and innovative projects for people with PD throughout   Arizona. Support goes to Parkinson’s specific or adapted exercise programs like Yoga, Tai Chi, Dance and PWR! Moves provided in over twenty   locations, an Expressive Arts Program, Golf Clinic, Vocal program and choirs, and home based “Promotores” programs in  Spanish and Navajo. All services provided are available in both English and Spanish. 


Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information

Somos Amigos / We are Friends

Raised: $15,913.83

Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On

Raised: $11,369.78

TEAM Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center

Raised: $4,448.75

Team "Greater Than Parkinsons"

Raised: $3,219.78

Pueblo Prancers

Raised: $1,592.57

Poppy’s Crew

Raised: $1,098.57

Carol's Crusaders

Raised: $1,071.62

Team Frank

Raised: $1,007.14


Raised: $980.51

Team Dave

Raised: $922.51

Else's Rainbow Coalition

Raised: $890.90


Raised: $822.04

Southern Charmers

Raised: $778.53

Heno's Heroes

Raised: $767.36

Early Birds

Raised: $706.19

Joey's Wacky Walkers

Raised: $665.60

Team Bubbles

Raised: $641.80


Raised: $579.85

Piggy Sue

Raised: $421.71

Fighting Gooses

Raised: $410.86


Raised: $389.94

Team Jeffro

Raised: $384.81

Running for the Geezer

Raised: $277.67

Rock steady boxing phoenix

Raised: $263.60

The Invincibles

Raised: $263.56

Wagners Walker's

Raised: $262.24

Shake Rattle and Roll

Raised: $258.31

As You Wish

Raised: $231.78

Team Kaplan

Raised: $226.67


Raised: $205.61

Smitty's Adventure

Raised: $158.14

Team Thom

Raised: $155.44

Michael's Merry Mob

Raised: $152.88

Tremble Clefs Arizona

Raised: $142.34

Santé Superstars

Raised: $130.44

Encompass Health Rehab

Raised: $122.45


Raised: $115.98

Cupcakes in Motion

Raised: $105.44

Wellness West Warriors

Raised: $105.42

Medtronic DBS

Raised: $105.42

Dave's Desert Walkers

Raised: $94.89

Shake, Rattle, and Run!

Raised: $79.08

Coach Pete

Raised: $62.72

Courageous Cole Girls

Raised: $52.72

Team Barbara

Raised: $52.72

Shake it Off

Raised: $52.72


Raised: $52.72

Team Biobank

Raised: $52.72

Team Papaw Basil

Raised: $52.72

Team for the Parkinson Run

Raised: $52.72

Rock Steady Boxing Gilbert

Raised: $52.72

Foxy Crew

Raised: $31.62

Fran's Friends

Raised: $26.36

Familia Luna-Gomez

Raised: $26.36

Shane Hall CPA Team

Raised: $25.00

Team "Salvador Carranza"

Raised: $10.54


Raised: $10.54

Team Poppa Kap

Raised: $10.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Mar 13 Rita albertson $250.00
Mar 13 C.B. A $200.00
Mar 13 anonymous donation $230.00
Mar 13 Perii Skolnick $100.00
Mar 13 Brynn Black In support of Lynn S. $100.00
Mar 13 Avis Pratt $50.00
Mar 13 anonymous donation $10.00
Feb 21 Anonymous $3,500.00
Feb 21 anonymous donation $605.00
Feb 21 Constantino Castello $150.00