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The ALS Association Western Pennsylvania Chapter and Team Challenge ALS are running in honor of those currently living with ALS and in remembrance of those we have lost to the disease. The funds raised by our team provide help and hope to those living with ALS by supporting local patient care, advocacy, and global research to find treatments and a cure for this always fatal disease.

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Dec 02 Mary DiLonardo 😘 $54.35
Dec 02 Ashlee Bartko $27.63
Dec 02 Anonymous $200.00
Nov 11 Jennifer Watkins $27.63
Nov 11 Patricia Kostik $27.63
Nov 10 Danielle Partyka This organization is near and dear to my heart and those in my family as well. Thank you for spreading awareness! Your dad would be proud! $27.63
Nov 10 Deborah Sellaro $54.35
Nov 05 Ezra Klemow I love that you're running a marathon and love that it's for this cause. Keep working hard with your training and you're going to crush it! $27.63
Nov 04 Kathy Dilonardo Run, girl, run! 😘 $54.35
Oct 15 Carol Passmore Good luck Garrett! Undisclosed amount