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Goddess Run is proud to partner with the BC Cancer Foundation to support the Immunotherapy Clinical Trials Program. Phase 1 of this program focuses on Adoptive T Cell Therapy (ATC) and is set to begin in April. ATC activates and expands a patient's own T cells (a type of white blood cell) and infuses large numbers back into the patient's bloodstream to "seek and destroy" cancer cells wherever they may be hiding. The first trial at BC Cancer in Victoria will focus on treating gynecological cancers (ovarian, cervical and endometrial) with naturally occurring, tumour-fighting T cells. 


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Team information

Running Late

Raised: CA$347.21

BMO Goddesses

Raised: CA$198.26

Fitness on the Go Girls!

Raised: CA$132.80

Breast Friends

Raised: CA$131.77

2020 Dream Chasers

Raised: CA$101.57


Raised: CA$81.91

The Khyberettes

Raised: CA$76.57


Raised: CA$41.92

Hermes Hotties

Raised: CA$27.60

Sole Sisters Victoria

Raised: CA$27.60

Vi's Girls

Raised: CA$27.60

JdF Funrunners

Raised: CA$27.60

Church of Women's Liberation

Raised: CA$6.24

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Jun 02 Reta Davis CA$267.96
Jun 01 Renita Silva Undisclosed amount
Jun 01 Kiwi and Barb Stanners We are honoured that Kim and Grace are running this race in our daughters memory, Carrie CA$535.02
Jun 01 Jane Barclay CA$27.60
Jun 01 Bonnie and Don Phillips CA$54.31
Jun 01 Bonnie and Don Phillips CA$54.31
Jun 01 Bev and Ted CA$27.60
Jun 01 Bev and Ted CA$27.60
Jun 01 The Devlin's CA$54.31
May 31 Cindy McWilliams Undisclosed amount