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Raise money for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

The NILMDTS Remembrance Walk, "Our Journey Together" is for parents, family members, and friends to come together to remember a precious baby who has died due to miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, neonatal or any type of pregnancy or infant loss. Visit the NILMDTS website for further details about the Remembrance Walk here.

A donation in the amount of $125 is equivalent to the NILMDTS cost in delivering one photographic session of a baby, which is valued at $2,000.

Did you know that your donation can go toward the team total to earn special personalized gifts for the team lead?  If you want your donation to be applied to your team, be sure to make sure that team is selected. Click here to see all of our personalized gifts available for the team leaders.

Thank you for providing a future family this treasured gift. 


Click on a team below to make a donation.

Team information

Andrew’s Angels

Raised: $4,400.85

Baby Sophie

Raised: $3,341.00


Raised: $3,212.15


Raised: $1,282.64

Deklan’s Fam

Raised: $1,052.92

Jaxsons Angels

Raised: $866.26

Team Baxter

Raised: $825.23

Lilly's 4th year

Raised: $668.75

Team Josey

Raised: $641.75

Team Nugget

Raised: $606.05

Olivia Rachel

Raised: $575.18

Sweet Baby Riggs

Raised: $555.38

Riley Butterfly

Raised: $525.92

Team Gregory

Raised: $506.34

Emily Rose

Raised: $347.28

Team Kevin

Raised: $274.04

Team Linc

Raised: $273.50

Team Lucy

Raised: $264.45


Raised: $263.50

Team Christian

Raised: $263.50

Eleanor Grace

Raised: $250.80

Our Sweet Caroline

Raised: $211.75


Raised: $205.00

Learning from Lincoln

Raised: $198.64

Diary of a Hopeful Woman

Raised: $197.70

Love for Luna

Raised: $194.45

Lyla's and Liam's Warriors

Raised: $184.45

Team Lucas and Cruz

Raised: $184.45

Bristol’s Brigade

Raised: $178.10

Team Jax

Raised: $171.75

Jameson & Company

Raised: $135.40

Abriana's Angels

Raised: $133.24

Team Brandon

Raised: $131.75

Remembering Killian

Raised: $131.75

Team Addelyn Hope

Raised: $130.13


Raised: $126.89

Team Omar

Raised: $125.94

Gracie’s Champions

Raised: $125.94

Penny Lu

Raised: $125.64

Isaac's Smiles

Raised: $109.05


Raised: $109.05

Athena's Angels

Raised: $108.51

Remembering Graham

Raised: $105.40


Raised: $94.86


Raised: $89.05

Team Luke

Raised: $79.05

Milo's Adventurers

Raised: $76.89

Bennetts Brigade

Raised: $73.78

Kennedy's Hope

Raised: $73.78

Cam's Calvary

Raised: $72.70

Team CoolGreen

Raised: $70.00

Team Sweet Pea

Raised: $62.70

Jacob's Family

Raised: $62.70

Team Emmeline

Raised: $62.70

Tahari’s Gladiators

Raised: $56.35

Team Wyatt Coburn

Raised: $56.35

Team Emery

Raised: $52.70

Team Elliot

Raised: $52.70


Raised: $52.70

Magnificent Madalyn

Raised: $52.70

Olive Tree

Raised: $52.70

The Reed Triplets

Raised: $51.08


Raised: $50.00

Liam's Warriors

Raised: $50.00

Remembering our babies.

Raised: $50.00

Jackson’s E&E

Raised: $46.35

Team Sissy Girl

Raised: $46.35


Raised: $40.00

Team Taylor

Raised: $36.89

Nationwide Childrens Hospital NICU's

Raised: $36.35

Team Ella Rose

Raised: $36.35


Raised: $36.35

Clara Jane

Raised: $30.00

Cameron's Buddies

Raised: $30.00

Baby Nora

Raised: $26.35

A to Z

Raised: $26.35

Mac Bryson’s Bunch

Raised: $26.35

Remembering Hunter and Max

Raised: $26.35

Tatum’s Tribe

Raised: $26.35

Waddle Angels

Raised: $26.35

Mariko’s Purple Hearts

Raised: $26.35

Baby Lane

Raised: $20.00

Harlan David

Raised: $20.00

E Team

Raised: $20.00

Team Ka’vaeh

Raised: $20.00

Jacob's Joy

Raised: $20.00

For the LOVE of Crayton

Raised: $20.00

Hensley Babies

Raised: $20.00

Robinson party of 6

Raised: $20.00


Raised: $20.00

Team Mikayla

Raised: $20.00

You are our son, our moon and all of our stars

Raised: $20.00

Remembering Ronin

Raised: $15.27

In Loving Memory...

Raised: $10.54

Team Greyson

Raised: $10.00

Delanie’s Family

Raised: $10.00

Drake’s Family

Raised: $10.00

Baby McDade

Raised: $10.00

We love Maverick

Raised: $10.00

Team Cline

Raised: $10.00

Ellen Kathleen Southward

Raised: $10.00

Reese’s Rockstars

Raised: $10.00

Team Tiger

Raised: $10.00

Harper's Grace

Raised: $10.00

Our Sweet BayGirl

Raised: $10.00

Team Kaylee

Raised: $10.00

Dustin Angel Wings

Raised: $10.00

Maddox Lee

Raised: $10.00

Superman Ryder

Raised: $10.00

For The Love of Lacy

Raised: $10.00

Team Vera

Raised: $10.00

Sweet baby Alex

Raised: $10.00

Baby Shawn

Raised: $5.27

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Sep 02 Kate Weimerskirch $31.62
Aug 31 Anonymous $26.35
Aug 31 Anonymous $131.75
Aug 31 Josh, Ashley, Madison and Cooper Thanks for raising money for an important cause! Love you $18.97
Aug 31 Graham Heart and soul Your cousin Graham Undisclosed amount
Aug 31 Gram B Heart and soul Deklan Love Gram B Undisclosed amount
Aug 31 Hunter Heart and soul Love your cousin Hunter Undisclosed amount
Aug 30 Francis and Kerrie David Prayers and love to the Hart Family Steve, Julia, Ellie and our angel, Josie. Undisclosed amount
Aug 30 Nate and Darsi Wilson $105.40
Aug 28 The Toths In memory of sweet William, who we love and think of every day $52.70